Wednesday, 23 October 2013

First New Zealand DW Coins issued to Paul Scoones

Also, he wrote this book a while back
Remember those New Zealand silver coins we wrote up a few months back? They're out now. So here's a video and article detailing Paul Scoone's delight at receiving the first batch out of the mint, extract here as usual.

"NZ Mint produced a strictly limited set of 11 in collaboration with the BBC to celebrate all 11 incarnations of the legendary sci-fi character, from William Harnell to Matt Smith. The coins will be shipped to fans on November 4 before the series hits its official half-century anniversary on November 23. Paul Scoones, who has run New Zealand's Doctor Who fan club for 25 years, says the engraved coins, presented in a 3D replica of the Doctor's fob watch, are "far too special" to sell on."
"It was a big honour to be the first in the world to see the set," he said. "Fifty years is a big milestone for the series."
The 12th legal tender coin - featuring the most-recently named Doctor Who star, Peter Capaldi – will be released in March to complete the set.
Mr Scoones, who runs a store selling sci-fi collectibles in Takapuna called Retrospace, has been collecting Doctor Who products for years.
He says most of them are shipped from the UK, but it's "exciting" to know these coins are made in New Zealand.
"This is something we can have ownership over...We were the first country outside of the UK to screen the series in 1964 […] and a lost episode was found here in 1999 at a Grey Lynn flat – we helped to return it to the BBC. I was six years old when I first saw the programme… I've been obsessed all my life. It is a show that transcends all generations – we get young and old fans in our store. It's got such a rich, diverse history. There's so much to it – you often have to re-watch the more complex modern episodes."

Paul Scoone's website is here.

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