Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Gallifrey VI released!

Today Big Finish have released the final series of their hit Doctor Who spin-off, Gallifrey. These final stories see President Romana and her friends battle the Daleks for the safety of the multiverse.
Romana’s proud new Gallifrey is falling – the Daleks have come through the Axis from one universe, preparing to conquer all others. Swarming through the corridors of the Capitol, the Daleks seek, locate and exterminate everyone they find – because they are searching for something, a something they believe will give them domination over the entirety of existence. And it can only be found on this particular Gallifrey.
Whatever happens, wherever Romana, Leela and Narvin go, the Daleks will pursue them until they have what they want.
But elsewhere, someone else in another reality has a plan of their own, and is waiting for the right moment to confront Romana. Is this salvation or the ultimate betrayal?
Until the end of October, Big Finish are keeping the pre-order price of the boxed set, £25 for the CD and £20 on download here.

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