Thursday, 17 October 2013

Mags Halliday Interview

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Mags L. Halliday gave an interview about her Eighth Doctor novel History 101, fandom, and her toddler's fondness for "The Next Doctor". It's definitely worth checking out in full (part one here, and part two here), but she had quite a good quote about women writing for the show. Her website is here.

Would you like to write for it (either the tv series or the novels)?
"I've learnt enough about myself as a writer to realise I'm a world-builder rather than a natural with dialogue, which makes prose a better fit. So if I knew where I could carve the time, I'd like to write for the current books range. Or Sherlock tie-ins: I've written Conan Doyle Holmes, and I'd love a crack at a modern one.

There's still not enough women writing Who. Twenty years after Kate Orman became the first female Who novelist, we shouldn't still be going "ooh, a woman writing Who!" as The Guardian did a few weeks ago. Women, and girls, are a huge part of Who and we're not just consumers of the eye-candy. Women produce, they write, they analyse. I'd like that to become a matter of fact, not a continual surprise."

Hear hear!

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