Thursday, 3 October 2013

Skulduggery Pleasant Writer Pens Next eBook

Author and screenwriter Derek Landy, best known for his Skulduggery Pleasant series, has been announced as the writer of October's "Doctor Who" ebook. Featuring the Tenth Doctor and companion Martha Jones, the short is entitled "The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage".

When the TARDIS lands on a planet that looks identical to Earth, the Tenth Doctor and Martha are amazed to find it packed with fictional characters from her childhood. But who has the power to create an entire world out of books and why? The Doctor and Martha must solve the mystery before their story ends!

You can find an excerpt from the upcoming story here, courtesy of

Describing himself as "one of those kids who hid behind the sofa" while watching "Doctor Who", Landy credits the show's "crazy blend of science fiction and adventure and horror" on making him the writer he is today. As a result, when approached to write the Tenth Doctor story, Landy says "my answer was always going to be 'yes'. The Tenth Doctor, with his love of the spoken word, was practically tailor-made for me, and there is no part of this story that I did not write with the utmost joy." Mr. Landy blogged about his contribution to the ebook series on his own site earlier this week.

(As a side note, Landy's third Skulduggery Pleasant book, 2009's "The Faceless Ones", shares a name with a 1967 Patrick Troughton "Doctor Who" episode.)

"The Mystery of the Haunted College" is now available for pre-order. A collected paperback and audio version of all eleven shorts is scheduled for release on 21st November 2013.


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