Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Thunderbirds are Go! (with lots of DW actors)

ITV (and co-producers Pukeko Pictures) are making more Thunderbirds. A whole new 26-part series called Thunderbirds are Go, which will involve a mixture of CGI and "miniature sets". Not like that naff live-action reboot, a proper version that looks like it'll maintain continuity with the original Gerry Anderson stories. This is exciting news just by itself. 

That being said, half the cast have a connection to DW one way or another, so we have a reason to talk about it here. David Graham is reprising one of his various roles from the original show as Parker (lots of Dalek voices, a rather good turn as a mad professor in "City of Death"). Grandma Tracy is going to be played by Sandra Dickinson (a bit part in Barry Letts' Third Doctor audio "The Ghosts of N-Space", and Peter Davison's ex). Adjoa Andoh (Martha's mum) has a role as an entirely new character called Colonel Clancey. Thomas Sangster (Timothy Latimer in "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood") is voicing two of the brothers, John and Gordon.

Kayvan Novak is Brains, David Menkin was cast as Virgil, and Rasmus Hardiker will be doing Scott and Alan. And Rosamund Pike gets the chance to play Lady Penelope, after missing out in auditions for the movie version (Sophia Myles got the part there). Speaking of whom, Angel Coulby has a part as family friend Kayo (Madame de Pompadour's friend from "The Girl in the Fireplace"), who might be the new series' version of Tin-Tin. It looks like Kyrano was cut altogether, but Andres Williams is going to be The Hood.

Just a pity we have to wait until the 2015 air date...

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