Monday, 28 October 2013

What Price a TARDIS? £799, apparently

Remember that bewildered BBC news article about people who like to build police boxes? And that even sillier article regarding the artist at the Iowa State Fair? Here's a much terser and more straightforward example of the genre from the Express & Star. Lots of pictures, and a considerate writeup with plenty of quotes from "craftsman Alastair Vincent", whose small company Muddy Paw Creations makes playhouses for children and does police boxes on the side. His workshop is in Hednesford, so the visitor centre there is planning to get one for Christmas, decorated with a lamp that flashes festive colours.

As per Vincent himself, “The rangers at the Chase love the box. So it’ll will soon be a feature outside the main visitors centre. When they start selling Christmas trees from the end of November, the police box will land.”

“I used to hide behind the sofa at the Daleks and can’t say I am a fan of the programme but I am sure a lot of Dr Who fans will see the police box and make a connection to the programme.”

Should you care to lay out the eight hundred pounds required to buy one, his company website is here, although you probably just want the direct link to the description of "Item: Police Box (Blue)". It comes with a lock (not a Yale one, from the looks of things), interior and exterior lightning, and even a little hatch you can open. Sans telephone though. And one unduly amusing line for those people trying to figure out which make of TARDIS it could be: "(This product is not intended to replicate any specific police box. It is purely our interpretation of a classic yesteryear street furniture icon)."

(Update: etymology lesson! "What price X" is an idiom popularised by Maxwell Anderson - Laurence Stallings play What Price Glory? concerning the behaviour of two US Marines in the trenches during the Great War. Massive success on Broadway, then got a movie version with four sequels and eventually a remake in the 50s. So it's a bit old-fashioned an expression, but still perfectly sound. Combom's educational sometimes.)

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