Monday, 25 November 2013

BBC Radio Snippets

So, BBC Radio during Doctor Who Takes Over Media Week. There was a lot of content (nearly every local radio station in the country seems to have found some DW connection or other to celebrate the date), it's mostly time-sensitive, and how are you going to know what programmes on the vast lists that Doctor Who News have so helpfully produced are actually worth your time?

Happily, yours truly has been listening to lots of it, so here's five links to some of the amusing, informative, and completely random content to have come out of the anniversary celebrations. Do mention more in the comments.

BBC Radio Solent
Look at the length of those clips. They've allowed Bill Baggs to talk for ages about how exciting it was to put together "The Airzone Solution", and went to the trouble of filming John Levene in front of his shed for half an hour just so we could enjoy the sight of a very special bit of DW paraphernalia. Michael E. Briant is having no end of fun retelling all his favourite anecdotes about the Revenge ghost, the Woolworth's Daleks, etc. If you are at all a fan of the older stuff this is a delightful treasure trove.

BBC Norfolk
(Yes, we did just mention them in the last post.)

Paul Hayes begins by pointing out that Doctor Who has never been filmed in Norfolk and that the most notable reference to it in the series was the Brigadier's famous line about Cromer in "The Three Doctors". On this self-deprecating note, he plunges into a delightful series of bite-sized interviews with a surprising number of DW alumni who hail from the area.


Two links, depending on whether you're a glass half-full or half-empty sort of person. BBC Wales announced a Doctor Who day on Thursday and spent the entire day on Who programming. To the evident distress of Oliver Hides, who likes neither Doctor Who nor science fiction, so he offers a quite...different perspective on the show. Essentially it's an hour-long exercise in irony, but there's some very sweet anecdotes from excitable fans who've phoned in to discuss how much they love Doctor Who.

Meanwhile, Jason Mohammad spent three hours at the Doctor Who experience, enjoyed himself hugely, interviewed loads of fans, and castigated Andrew Beech for not knowing that he was in "Voyage of the Damned". It's great fun. 

The Graham Norton Show
Well, it's got a Tom Baker interview (he gleefully suggests "Day of the Doctor" could have Shada-type footage in it but that he doesn't know anything about that, mere hours before broadcast). Besides, as the guest list goes..."Matt Smith, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Kate O'Mara, Louise Jameson, Katy Manning, Carole Ann Ford, William Russell and Jenna Coleman." One of these people probably interests you.

BBC Scotland
Tom Baker's in this one too! Via a clever editing time travel conceit. Janice Forsyth provides a much-needed female counterpoint to all the male announcers and interviews A. L. Kennedy and Jenny Colgan. Sylvester McCoy is perturbed by tiny action figures of himself. There's chit-chat about "Brave New World", both the Huxley and Ken Loach versions, and whether he'd make a good Time Lord. A shout-out to the Peter Cushing films. An unexpected regeneration.

 And there's a special surprise about ten minutes in.

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Paul Hayes said...

Many thanks for your kind words about my bits for BBC Radio Norfolk, both in this post and the previous one - it's very nice of you, and much appreciated! It was a great pleasure and honour to get to meet and interview the likes of Hodgson, and nice as a fan to be a tiny little part of the anniversary celebrations.