Friday, 15 November 2013

Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty Details - One Direction Gate-Crashes

The BBC have released details on the BBC Three after-party for the 50th Anniversary, starting straight after The Day of the Doctor.

The live BBC Three show is to celebrate all things Doctor Who with Matt Smith and fans around the world, as One Direction gate-crash celebrations.
Live from London’s Southbank, Zoe Ball and Rick Edwards will get the afterparty started on BBC Three, as they are joined by Matt Smith and guests to discuss the Doctor’s most epic adventure yet.
As soon as titles roll on BBC One’s The Day Of The Doctor, viewers can join the current Doctor himself, as well as a host of previous Doctors and their time-travelling companions in the ultimate celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who on BBC Three.
As well as all the gossip on the The Day Of The Doctor, there will be exclusive interviews, show-stopping monster moments and fans around the world will be giving their reaction, as they showcase how they are celebrating the special anniversary.
One Direction will also be joining the party as they gate-crash the show live from LA to wish the Doctor a happy birthday.
Zai Bennett, Controller of BBC Three, says: "The 50th anniversary is going to be a huge party for Doctor Who and we’re delighted that BBC Three will be able to give the fans all the backstage access to the stars at the hottest ticket in town.”
Commissioned by Pinki Chambers, Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty is executive produced by Mark Cossey and Phil Dolling. It is produced by Russell Minton and made by BBC In-house Entertainment and Events.
Though given the current conflict between Doctor Who and One Direction fans, was it a really good idea to get them involved in it? Why get them involved in the first place? And Zai Bennett, the guy who cancelled "Doctor Who Confidential", is "delighted" to give people backstage access? Whatever you think of the BBC, they've got balls.


whopix said...

conflict? what conflict? news to me...

Darryl Christensen said...

As much as I couldn't care less about OD and boy bands, at least it's publicity and they aren't playing next to, say, Tom Baker!

BRB1 said...

Well, extra OD fan viewers might have a minimal beneficial effect on the actual TDOTD ratings. Ever the prophet of doom, I predict miserable viewing figures. X-factor will win. The simultaneous 3D events will dent the figures, too. Still, it can't be said that the BBC has done a bad publicity job. I wonder how many people will actually watch it?!

Humberto Adan Herrera Cosio said...

Considering that tickets around the world are quite thin, many will see it in theaters, ans ome by TV. The ratings may look low in the UK, but internationally, might be quite different.

Vertimyst said...

One Direction declared the 23rd "One Direction Day", and some whovians saw it as attempt to steal their day. This could end in bloodshed and tears. :P

Guy Lambert said...

One Direction being involved is a good thing. Often it's forgotten how much the show is loved by children and many will LOVE this