Monday, 18 November 2013

Doctor Who takes over BBC Radio Four: here's the list

BBC Radio 4 extra is playing a lot of Big Finish audios, interviews, and so forth in honour of the anniversary. There's a nice clearinghouse of them all available here, for seven days as usual (yes, overseas listeners can enjoy them for a week too, just follow the link). The first two, William Russell's reading of the David Whitaker novelisation "Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks" (yes, they call it "Doctor Who and the Daleks" but we all know what it really is) and Seventh Doctor audio "Protect and Survive" are out already.

Monday night is "Fanfare for the Common Men", a history-changing Fifth Doctor adventure, picking up a plot thread about the Common Men band that Susan's listening to in the "An Unearthly Child". Tuesday another Seventh Doctor audio (aside from being set in December 1963, it's a bit odd that they'd pick one where the Doctor's companion for the adventure is a parallel-universe Nazi, but maybe the BBC knows something about marketing we don't.) Wednesday, it's famous Hartnell unproduced script (and Big Finish Lost Story) "Farewell Great Macedon", with both William Russell and Carole Ann Ford. Thursday is the Eighth Doctor tale "Human Resources", the end of a rather long story arc with his companion Lucie Miller, but if you don't mind spoilers it's supposed to be quite good.

Friday is yet another adventure with William Russell, this time reading Terrance Dicks' novelisation of "The Dalek Invasion of Earth". And Saturday, at nine o'clock in the morning, they have Tracy-Ann Oberman (you remember, she was Yvonne Hartman in "Army of Ghosts") doing a three hour documentary with lots of interviews and random radio snippets. (Among other things, they're promising "Whatever Happened to Susan?" Which is indescribably daft.)

They then skip ahead in the Eighth Doctor/Lucie Miller storyline with the confusingly titled "Lucie Miller" (to be aired Sunday at 12 am) and "To the Death" (Monday, 12 am). These last two don't quite pick up where "Human Resources" left off and to be honest you're going to be a little confused if you're not already up on the storylines leading to them. Although they're thematically apt for celebrating the Hartnell era, let us say.

And that's not even the lot: they've dug up a lot of other documentaries and things, including one about Douglas Adams, several with Neil Gaiman, that David Tennant episode of "Desert Island Discs", and quite a lot more here. Have fun. Here's a clip of Mark Ayres that's only a minute.


Seamus T said...

Will you be providing links to these for those outside the UK ??

The Vodka Yeti said...

BBC Iplayer Radio section works worldwide :) Here's the link for Episode one of Protect and Survive, links for other episodes also on that page

Anton Blender said...

The Eighth Doctor story choices are really bizarre, as they're both ends to season long arcs and are separated by a couple of years. "An Earthly Child" would have made more sense than "Human Resources" as it introduces a character that is pretty crucial to "To The Death". Overall, there seems to be a lot of Susan, so it would be great if that signaled an appearance in "Day of the Doctor".

leisure-hive said...

sorry to be a pedant, but nyssa is the companion in 'fanfare for the common men', not elizabeth klein.