Friday, 22 November 2013

DW Google Doodle

If you're not in the habit of investigating Google Doodles, you still might want to try out this adorable little game made in honour of the Anniversary - you play as an adorable 16-bit version of the Doctor. It's fairly intuitive - collect all the letters, keep track of the Dalek movement patterns, and your health recharges after a while if you stand still. And it has the TARDIS dematerialisation noise, too.

The Guardian has squeezed a whole article out of this, by dint of getting an interivew with Google Doodle designer Matthew Cruickshank. "It was about four months ago that an employee here who's a massive Doctor Who fan added it to our list of potential doodles. We looked through it and realised that this was something special, a chance to really celebrate a national institution."

"I wrote the great things about Doctor Who, the things that fans would want to see. It came down to celebrating – obviously – all of the Doctors; I love the idea of regeneration. And then Daleks, and Tardises. Those are basically the three key points.

"The thing is that he's a Time Lord, a time traveller, so I really wanted to get the feeling across that you could travel to different eras. I definitely didn't want you to just play one level and that is it, I love the idea of the Doctor being able [sic] zoom around the universe."

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rtoz said...

amazing game!! still i'm playing it from here