Friday, 22 November 2013

DWAS "The Companion Volume" free download

Want to read a 1977 guide to DW companions from the Doctor Who Appreciation Society? Of course you do!
Though it says Autumn 77 quite distinctly on the last page and the DWAS website proper confirms that: "The Companion Volume' was just the second-ever special publication from DWAS, and was released by the Reference Department under Jeremy Bentham in 1977. In a time when information about the show's past was scare, this lavishly illustrated book was well received by members. It contained articles about each of the Doctor's companions from Susan to the then current incumbent Leela. Each feature contained information about the companion in question's time with the Doctor and, with a spot of artistic licence, details about what a number of them did before, or indeed after their travels."

And by "spot of artistic license", they mean shaping and authorising some of the basic, fundamental fan assumptions about companions - that Ian and Barbara married when they made it back to 1966, that Katarina and Sara Kingdom do count as companions, that Sarah Jane Smith was raised by her aunt after being orphaned as a young child. It's enormous fun and a fascinating look at the start of DW fandom (as opposed to people just watching the show, an important distinction for pre-1990 Who). And the picture of the Master on page 30 is just plain groovy.

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