Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Faction Paradox: The Brakespeare Voyage released

Obverse Books have released the second novel in their Faction Paradox series, featuring the War in Heaven which appeared in the Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures novels during the nineties.
“The Tribunal Decision in the matter of the Great Houses vs. Scarratt is as follows.
That the orders lawfully issued to the said Scarratt were deliberately ignored, as recorded in Scarratt’s own thoughts, as recorded through the media first of the recording circuits of his timeship and then of the biodata retrieved from exhibit A.”
The Brakespeare Voyage costs £14.95 for a paperback copy, and just £6.99 for the ebook version. All purchases of the hard copies purchased from Obverse now include a copy of the ebook edition.


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