Friday, 22 November 2013

Peter Davison confirms some involvement in the 50th anniversary

In an interview with Australian TV program, Studio 10, Peter Davison talked about the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who, and most importantly his involvement in it. Davison remarked that his Doctor will be involved somewhere in the anniversary, although his current appearance will not be.

As cryptic as this sounds, Davison could be referring to the recently announced The Five Doctors - Reboot, which includes involvement from past Doctors; Colin Baker, Sylvestor McCoy, Paul McGann, and David Tennant. News of this sketch has popped onto the internet in recent weeks under the Twitter alias @dayoftheFishDr.

The Five Doctors - Reboot will be released on the BBC Red Button service tomorrow at 10pm, a couple of hours after The Day of the Doctor has been aired. Further details about this sketch are at present pretty hazy, although it does have something to do with the Classic Doctors' protest outside the BBC television centre a few months back.

If you wish to see the full interview with Peter Davison, take a look at the seven-minute video below:


Emre ┼×ahin Mecit said...

I want Christopher Eccleston! too

Kristi Deming said...

Chris doesn't like his involvement with DW, so I doubt he would be involved.

Dominic O'Brien Perry said...

fuck him he was a shitty doctor