Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The End of Wildthyme

It's a sad time for the ears of some Who-fans, as popular spin-off, Iris Wildthyme has reached the end of her adventures on audio. Big Finish have reported that due to poor sales, they have no choice but to discontinue production on further series.
Closing time waits for no woman - even if they're a transtemporal adventuress. We're sorry to announce that Iris Wildthyme's big red bus has driven off into the sunset and the recently released fourth series will be the last produced by Big Finish.
Iris' last adventure from Big Finish takes the form of the Companion Chronicles adventure, The Elixir of Doom, which features Iris travelling with Third Doctor companion, Jo Grant. The Elixir of Doom is expected for release in May 2014.

Whilst Big Finish have ended their adventures on the Celestial Omnibus, Obverse Books have assured fans that Iris' adventures in the prose format have not been affected, and their latest tome Iris: Fifteen, is now available in paperback. A further anthology: Wildthyme on Mars, is expected to be published next year.

If you have yet to hear the audio adventures of Iris Wildthyme, Big Finish have announced that all four series are still available to purchase from Big Finish's website.


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