Friday, 15 November 2013

Who's Favourites: David Tennant and Billie Piper top RT poll

Surprise, surprise. The Radio Times did a poll for everyone's favourite Doctor and companion, and the Tenth Doctor and Rose won (poll size - 21,384 votes. Or acceptable votes, anyway.) Tennant did ridiculously well, scoring 56% of the tally to Matt Smith's almost 15%, with Tom at 10%. If the Tenth Doctor wasn't already coming back for the anniversary special Moffat would have had to have thought of something else to put him in. 

The companions poll was predictable if less dramatic: Piper well in front, with Elizabeth Sladen second and Catherine Tate third (25, 15, and 12% respectively). Just like the last time they polled for best companion, in fact, though that one had a much smaller sample size. So predictable that various online forums started ballot stuffing for Adric instead, prompting a snarky official comment on the part of the RT staff:

"Fake votes have been discounted. The vast majority of Adric votes (but not all of them) came from a handful of IP addresses using software to stuff the ballot. We eliminated any addresses found to post an excessive number of votes, for Adric or any other candidate. We feel confident only true votes remain. RIP Adric. You are gone but not forgotten."

Adric came in at .48% in the final tally, about halfway up the list.


charliehorse43 said...

Adric was robbed.

capn jack said...

adric was one of my favourites, along with tegan, nyssa and 5. a bit disappointed. i thought 10 was my fav until i discovered classic who.

Lucille7777 said...

Too bad the poll is limited to the UK, the results would have been very different if the poll was expanded to other countries.