Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Google Street View for Television Centre

So a while back Google offered to photograph BBC Television Centre, before it closed down - there's a good writeup about this in a BBC blog post - and the images have finally been released to Google Street View. The BBC explained it thusly: "Just before the closure of BBC Television Centre in Spring 2013, Google took its Street View cameras around most of the studios and production areas which had been home to BBC Television since 1960. Whilst the images were being captured, the filming of the Doctor Who docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time was taking place. Take a virtual tour behind the scenes at some of the sets used in the docudrama, and see the rest of Television Centre before it makes the final transition to a modern studio centre, hotel, apartments and commercial headquarters of the BBC."

Which is probably why it took so long for them to release the images, waiting until after Gatiss' special was broadcast and all. Given that it seemed as much a star of the programme as Bradley or Cox, it's nice that even this much has been preserved for posterity. Have a look yourself here.

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Whopix said...

anybody managed to track down anything who related? Wandered around for ages, but can't see a bloody thing!