Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Penguin postcards - Doctor Who style

Don't they look marvelous?

"Sheffield-based graphic designer and illustrator" Sean Coleman picked twelve stories, one per Doctor, with particularly eye-catching images (this is the only explanation why something like "Meglos" would be the pick for Tom Baker, and you've all seen the Timelash picture in full colour so as to compare now). Whip up a bit of that familiar orange background and the appropriate fonts, and voila! A set of picture postcards, ten pounds a packet. "The set is litho-printed on 400gsm TruCard, sized 100 x 154mm and packed in a protective cellophane bag." He's selling them through Esty here.

Delightfully, the twelth one isn't Capaldi or Hurt, it's Peter Cushing. Though he promises further sets in future. Or if you prefer something more minimalist, there's another set of postcards for colour-themed stories....

Coleman's website can be found here.


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