Monday, 13 January 2014

BBC in talks to air Doctor Who in North Korea

And Teletubbies. And soaps. No war shows, though.

Via the Independent, who got it from the Sunday Times, but the Sunday Times uses a paywall. So. "British programmes including The Teletubbies may be shown in North Korea in a bid to “improve [citizens'] understanding about the outside world,” according to the Foreign Secretary. A source at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) told the Sunday Times that the programmes could be shown to “open people’s eyes” without upsetting Kim Jong-un’s regime."

“I have always believed that what brought down the Berlin Wall was not highbrow diplomacy but Dallas and Dynasty...Programmes sent to North Korea would have to be something that isn’t offensive, like Mr Bean, EastEnders, Miss Marple or Poirot.”

"The source added that series depicting war such as Dad’s Army would not be suitable, but rather “The Good Life, with a bit of gardening and squabbling in the kitchen” would be an option."

"A spokesman for BBC Worldwide told the Mirror: “Work remains ongoing on a possible initiative to supply a range of high quality BBC programmes to the DPRK.”

All of which, weirdly, would make North Korea more progressive than China in at least one small way, if they're not banning shows about time travel.

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