Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dr. Who annual

For all the fans of Dr. Who out there, there's a new fan-made annual in honour of the Peter Cushing Doctor. With the following write up from their website: "FANNUAL is finally complete! It has taken just over a year to produce (October 2012) and there are multiple versions for every pocket available of this fan produced Dr. Who annual featuring Peter Cushing as Dr. Who. Choose from Full colour Hardcover and Paperback and Black and White Hardcover and Paperback, all with their own unique colour covers. This fanzine has (including the cover) an impressive 172 pages and contains a mixture of comic strips, stories and features on the characters, the Daleks and even Tardis!"

Price is a bit steep for the colour editions (about thirty pounds apiece) but the black and white hardcover is about a tenner, and the softcover is half that. Worth a look if you liked the Dalek films.

(Though given the Nation Estate, there probably aren't any actual Daleks in it, which would be an interesting problem to work around.) Facebook here. There's some useful sales offers there, including a just-for-Valentine's-Day offer...

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