Saturday, 11 January 2014

Matt Smith Joins New Orleans Comic Con

Matt Smith has joined the guest list for the New Orleans Comic Con. The 3 day event is set to run from Friday 7th February to Sunday 9th February, although Matt will only be there for Friday and Saturday.

This will constitute Matt's first convention appearance this year and is currently scheduled for photo ops ($99), autographs ($99 for photo, $150 for everything else) and is set to be part of a Q&A. You can also purchase a $350 VIP ticket, which includes the above and more.

Matt Smith is the only main attraction at the event for Whovians. Other Doctor Who related attendees are Brandon Seifert (writer of a comic), J. K. Woodward (artist of Assimilation²) and the fan group Krewe Du Who.

Other notable guests at the event include Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker and Steven Yeun from AMC’s The Walking Dead, Wil Wheaton, Alan Tudyk (Firefly),  and of course, Stan Lee.

See more information and book tickets here. Via.

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