Thursday, 9 January 2014

Matt Smith n' Sherlock

The current Steven Moffat interview that everyone from the Daily Mirror to the Radio Times are quoting from is via the Zap2it blog; the big news is Moffat teasing people about Matt Smith appearing in his other BBC One drama. A bit. Full version, including lots more about Sherlock, at the link.

"Nothing is's not something we're particularly striving for. There's enough inevitable crossover talk between those two, it might be disconcerting for either of them to appear in the other's show. If there was a perfect part for him, there's no rule against it. We wouldn't want it to be stunt casting, because stunt casting doesn't work, so it would have to be just because he was overwhelmingly right for it."

"I mean, I love working with Matt. He's a phenomenal actor. I'd jump at the chance to work with him again. I don't know how likely that is to be on the set of 'Sherlock.'"

Plus some further comments about producing. "I suppose one (lesson) is that, one thing I think a lot about, is work on the things that you love. Work on your passion projects. Don't work on what you think people would like to watch; just do something you'd like to watch."

"And in both occasions, Sherlock Holmes and 'Doctor Who,' these are just my favorite things. I love those. When I proposed the Sherlock Holmes series, we didn't think it was going to be a hit. We didn't do it because we thought it was going to be a huge international hit, which it has become."

"We thought it'd be a little art project, get some good reviews. It was a passion project. Don't do it because you think other people will like it; do it because you think you love it. If you do something you love, there's no guarantee that anyone else will love it, but ... at least you'll like it, and that's somebody who's pleased."

"If you do something everybody else likes, and nobody likes it, then nobody's happy, and what's the point? It's not arrogance. It's not a terrible thing when you say you know what you like. I know what I like, and I hope someone else likes it. On many occasions, believe me, no one else likes it."

Meantime, Ben Dowell from the Radio Times has recieved his DVD review copy of "The Time of the Doctor" and has extracted the most interesting comments for articles - one observing that Matt Smith somewhat regrets not staying on another year, given how well he got on with Coleman. "Part of me genuinely feels that I sort of wish we have had another go at it, another year because, I feel we have really come on and sort of evolved."

The other? "Matt Smith was so overwhelmed during the read-through of his final scene of Doctor Who that he burst into tears." Also a comment about how he wears hats to the shops now to avoid fans. Presumably not fezzes.

After all, you might be mistaken for a platypus.

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jackmackenna said...

I'm not sure how ''it's possible, but unlikely'' is a tease.