Friday, 17 January 2014

"Queer as Pop" documentary and other Ian Levine business

If you have an overpowering interest in watching Ian Levine talk about the time he smashed a record over Simon Cowell's head (it's on the Daily Mail's website if you're impelled to read it right this second), the new Channel Four documentary "Queer as Pop" includes it along with him talking about his other great joy besides Doctor Who, pop music.

The documentary itself leans towards the obvious (did you know that Stonewall was a watershed moment?), and occasionally the chronology gets rather mixed up (David Bowie seems to happen *after* disco, not before it), but generally speaking it's a rather good summary. And there's lots of lovely clips and things.  

In related news, he's saying that he's found some not-actually-missing-episodes, including a copy of "Enemy of the World", part six, in Taiwan. Like so. If it'd come out a bit sooner this would have been rather more exciting news.

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