Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Colin Baker on Corrie?

Colin Baker has announced that he'd like to be on Coronation Street, on the grounds that it couldn't possibly be worse then the time he was on EastEnders.

Sorry. We'll be serious now.

The Radio Times had their annual Covers party a few weeks ago, and put up a video interview in which Baker waxes eloquent about how wonderful the show is, how Capaldi needs no one's advice on how to play the part because he's a bloody good actor already, and that he feels slightly better about the Multicoloured Coat of Doom now that kids have seen it in "The Day of the Doctor" and liked the bright colours. Have a look.

Unfortunately, they didn't record the part where he was talking about Corrie: "“I grew up in the area [Rochdale] and I think I would fit in... I could play Fred Elliot’s long lost brother…” he said, before launching into a broad and booming impression of John Savident’s legendary Weatherfield butcher."

There's a few other vids of interest to DW fans  - Chris Chibnall talks about Broadchurch and threatens to kill off David Tennant, Olivia Colman chats more about the show here, and a clip of Jessica Raine here.

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