Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Doctor Who LEGOs Incoming?

With the LEGO Movie out recently, LEGO's public visibility has shot back up recently, so now's the perfect time to appeal to Doctor Who fans, right?

LEGO offer its fans a chance to potential projects for future LEGO sets, via LEGO CUUSOO. Up until now, Doctor Who-related submissions haven't got anywhere due to licensing conflicts. For example, the image above is from this submission from late 2012. However it has been revealed earlier that licensing issues between BBC Worldwide and LEGO has been resolved.

This now allows users to submit Doctor Who designs to the site in the hopes that they will receive the 10,000 "likes" required. Of course, if there's enough new submissions, it may mean that the vote is pretty widely split.

Unfortunately, this does not automatically mean that something will happen, but having the wall removed is the biggest step in the right direction. And of course, the things this could eventually lead to....LEGO Video Game, anyone? Appearance in LEGO Movie Sequel?

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PCJ said...

LEGO Doctor Who Will Rock!