Thursday, 20 February 2014

Shakespeare, Lalla Ward, and Jon Morris

Jonathan Morris (writer of any number of DW-related things, including the recently reissued "Festival of Death") has been putting up reviews of the BBC Shakespeare adaptations. The latest and last deals with Hamlet, starring Lalla Ward, Derek Jacobi, Claire Bloom, Geoffrey Beevers...oh, and that Patrick Stewart chap. Who apparently teased Ward about performing in SF instead of proper theatre.

Anyone who's been following the Sunday video goodies will remember there's quite a bit of overlap between these productions and Doctor Who - Morris delves into these connections enthusiastically, comments at length about his own understanding of the plays, swears a lot and summarises the plays with a ready supply of silly jokes. It wouldn't be a bad introduction if you found the Immortal Bard boring at school.

So here's a clip of the Master and Romana.

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