Sunday, 16 March 2014

What to Watch Next: Pudsey Cutaway

This week it's just silly. A vague plan to contrast the 2005 Children in Need special with the 2003 one was scuppered by the latter being too painful to recommend to anyone (quite apart from anything else, it's very obvious that the writer wrote all the Sontaran's lines for a Dalek and nobody changed the script when the all-mighty Terry Nation estate said no. Though it is a bit relevant to "Bad Wolf".)

"The dorsal tubercle"
Whatever the disadvantages of the Information Age, it's still very nice living in a world where you can be certain that someone out there has done a helpful explanatory video about any randomly selected bone structure you could possibly name.

Brian May, songwriter-astrophysicist extraordinaire. Doesn't get much better than that, does it?

"Shop window dummies"
Having used several videos from British Pathé in this series already, now's a good time to mention that they're a fascinating resource and well worthy of careful investigations. Or random delving into their archives. Everything from hat-making to ejector seat testing to a Cardiff fashion show by Hartnell...
and that last line is just so ironically inappropriate for this context. 

"Nut Loaf"
So you go out on the Internet and find a recipe for nut loaf that's been put together by a Hungarian immigrant who narrowly escaped from the Soviet invasion in 1957. Now he lives in Somerset.

Again: the great thing about the Internet is being able to randomly stumble across stories like these simply by chance. Humanity's so excitingly variable.

It's a perfectly real phenomenon, though with much simpler creatures. This University of Nottingham lecture is a good, straightforward explanation about the biology of planarians.

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