Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Big Finish: One day Doctor Who special offer!

Big Finish Productions has discounted 5 of their Special Releases items today, for just 24 hours! These itemsDark Eyes and UNIT: Dominion, which are some of the most expensive (and popular) CDs Big Finish sells, so I'd advise picking them up now if you're interested.

For 24 hours only, we are putting a selection of Doctor Who titles on special offer.

Doctor Who: UNIT Dominion is an acclaimed four-hour epic starring Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor, Beth Chalmers as his companion Raine Creevy and Tracey Childs as UNIT scientific advisor Elizabeth Klein. It also introduces... the Other Doctor, played to perfection by Alex Macqueen - a character who goes on to be a big part of our Eighth Doctor saga Dark Eyes. UNIT: Dominion is on offer for £30 on CD, and £25 download.

Indeed, to see how the prize-winning Doctor Who: Dark Eyes started a new run of adventures for the Eighth Doctor, there's a chance to get it at today's offer price with both CD and download versions available at £20. An epic, universe-spanning tale that presents the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) with both a new companion and a mystery in the form of Molly O'Sullivan (Ruth Bradley), Dark Eyes was the winner of the BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Online Or Non-Broadcast drama. See why today!

Doctor Who: Love and War is a much-loved adaptation of Paul Cornell's equally loved New Adventures book. Sylvester is the Seventh Doctor, Sophie Aldred is Ace... and Lisa Bowerman is Bernce Summerfield, here making her story debut! Available for the next 24 hours at £7.50 on CD, and £6.50 on download.

Finally Victorian infernal investigators Jago and Litefoot step into the TARDIS with the Sixth Doctor in The Voyages of Jago and Litefoot. Voyage to Venus and Voyage to the New World take them into outer space and back into history. The offer price is £5 each on CD, and £1 each on download.

The offer is open until noon (UK time) on Thursday 22nd May. For fans of a good bargain on a Time Lord adventure, the clock is ticking...

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