Friday, 16 May 2014

Humble Bundle's Doctor Who Comic Book Bundle

The Humble Doctor Who Comics Bundle presented by IDW

While the Doctor Who comics license has been handed over to Titan Comics, there is still a large amount of comics out there already available. Humble Bundle are offering users the chance to get a collection of Doctor Who comics for an incredibly cheap amount, i.e. what you want.

This bundle features 14 collections of comic books with series 1 and 2 by default. You'll also get 10 unlocked Doctors in Doctor Who: Legacy. Beating the average gets you series 3 and more comics yet to be announced. $15 or more gets you Prisoners of Time and the Hugo Award nominated The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who. All the comic books are also multi-format DRM-free allowing them to use them where-ever you want. All this while supporting the Doctors without Borders and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund charities. Check out the video below for more information and click here to open the page to take a look at the comics, including previews.

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