Friday, 16 May 2014

Rachel Talalay to direct Doctor Who

The first female DW director since 2010, Rachel Talalay is an American producer/director with quite a lot of experience in American telly and horror films. Her official website can be found here; there's a clip of her work on "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" here, starring Tom Baker and with music by Murray Gold.

Which is a good sign; anyone who's directed Tom Baker successfully knows what they're doing. Hopefully she'll be given a good meaty story to work with.

The quote going around the Internet is from the University of British Columbia's Facebook page:
"Attention "Whovians!": Our Assistant Prof Rachel Talalay is currently directing two episodes of BBC's cult hit series DR WHO! She's says she's "sworn to secrecy on everything to do with the storyline... until it leaks out." And yes, she admits to being a huge fan and "Taking crappy selfies in the Tardis." So jealous! More details to come - stay tuned!"

Presumably, then, a two-parter. Wonder who'll write it.

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