Monday, 30 June 2014

Doctor Who Filming Report: 30/06/14 - Friends & Foes Return

Photo taken by Director,  Rachel Talalay

Guest Writer David Llewellyn tells us about his experience in Cardiff City Centre today, witnessing the filming of Doctor Who Series 8.

5:45pm. Just outside Queen Street, Cardiff.

The Cybermen, the newly-regenerated Doctor and other familiar faces were filming scenes for a future DW episode today (30/06/2014). Not a lot could be heard from where security kept us, but a lot was seen.

Warning: enough spoilers to intrigue River Song coming up.

This episode features the return of UNIT (last seen in the 50th anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor") with its commanding officer Kate (Lethbridge) Stewart and her assistant Osgood also making a reappearance. It looks like it's set in London, judging by the presence of black cabs and two red telephone booths. I didn't see the TARDIS anywhere (maybe the Cybermen have taken it). As the main cast and extras routinely looked up in the sky in amazement, I would assume that a Cybership is looming over them (this is total speculation, as I could see no ship in the sky). A lot of apparently-civilian extras were carrying guns. They were plain-clothed and did not appear to be affiliated with UNIT.

I think I overheard the director mentioning that they would be filming again tomorrow. I got a wave from Peter Capaldi and one of the UNIT soldiers, but unfortunately I didn't manage to get an autograph.

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