Sunday, 20 July 2014

Barrowman on Capaldi Haters; Jack Not Returning

John Barrowman was recently interviewed by MAGIC Radio and among the questions about his career and personal life, he was asked about Doctor Who and Torchwood.

When asked if he might be back on Who, he replied:
"I have no idea. I don't know, but I know the producers of Arrow are big fans of Doctor Who and Torchwood and Captain Jack. I love Captain Jack. He changed my life. He made me a household name. He put me on the map worldwide. I love Captain Jack. If I'm asked to play Jack ever again, I would do it at a drop of a hat, but I haven't been asked so I can't really forecast into the future. 
If I had a TARDIS I would jump in, go back in time, change [the producer's] minds and go forward and play him again."
When asked about Peter Capaldi, he said that he was really looking forward to seeing him in Doctor Who and when asked what he thinks Capaldi will be like, Barrowman replied:
"I don't like to make a judgement on him before I've seen him but I do know Peter as an actor because he was in Torchwood, Children of Earth. I think he will be an awesome Doctor, he's a wonderful actor. He's also Scottish so he follows in the line of David, myself and other Scots who have been involved in the Whovian world. So I think he'll be really good. 
And for those critics who sit behind keyboards and go 'ne-ne-ne', 'he's not gonna be this': Shut up because you'll watch the show anyway and you'll go on the journey like we all do. You'll get in the TARDIS and you'll go on the journeys that the Doctor takes you on, no matter who he's played by. 
Listen to the interview here.


Fabula Fatalis said...

I think that sums up my thoughts about Capaldi haters pretty well. If you think he's to old: how about you aducate yourself on some Classic Who and then try talking to me again? Or just go back to Twilight and stop bothering me.

Looking forward to Capaldi a lot.

Edward Richter said...

What Johns says about the journey is soooo very true...and I ca'nt wait!