Sunday, 13 July 2014

Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer Breakdown

So the Doctor Who Series 8 full length trailer aired earlier, containing lots of juicy stuff. Here's a breakdown of everything we saw. The screenshots were taken from our own BBC One HD recording, so they are higher quality than from YouTube, however Blogger has reduced them slightly. A download link is at the bottom.

The main console lever, as seen in the 50th Anniversary, shot from below in the TARDIS.

A tunnel, flashes, with two figures at the end walking down it. We've seen TARDIS corridors in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, and this doesn't look similar.

 The TARDIS on fire, as seen in the previous teaser trailer.

Clara has her eyes closed tightly as though she's struggling with something, perhaps some sort of mental control?
She gives up? Or is released?

Dalek eyestalk flashes in to the tune of the traditional Dalek ambient noise.

"Life Returns." - Daleky voice.
A shot of the new TARDIS from the outside. Of note are the colours of the room, such as the orange time rotor, bookshelves and something wooden in the bottom left.

Clara turns around as she spots something.

"I don't think I know who the Doctor is anymore" - Clara.
Capaldi walking with the sonic in hand.

"Life Prevails" - Daleky voice
TARDIS console exploding with the Doctor holding the bars, similarly to the first two teasers.

A terrible shot of the TARDIS flying through space. We only see a poor quality blur of the TARDIS as it flies towards very few stars.

"I'm the Doctor" *looks at camera" - The Doctor.
Capaldi gives his famous angry butt-clenching stare.

A seemingly robot man, who's missing half a face, with a short-range flamethrower. He doesn't look happy.

"I've lived for over 2000 years" - The Doctor
An unknown robot with it's piercing blue eyes.

An unknown eye opening and staring, with a huge pupil. Clara's perhaps? Definitely not Capaldi's. 

 The Doctor facing a bug-eyed creature in front of what reminds me of safety deposit boxes.

 Clara leaping from an explosion in what looks to be a school. Return to Coal Hill!

What appears to be Danny Pink also leaping from an explosion.
"I have made many mistakes" - The Doctor. Clearly referencing The War Doctor among them.

Soldiers in a firefight, with something heading towards them.

A view of night-time London from the past with a dinosaur (revealed better later on) next to Big Ben. 

"It's about time I did something about that." - The Doctor approaching Clara in the TARDIS. You can see the new bookcases in the background.

"Where are we going" - Clara. The Doctor pulls the leaver.

"Into Darkness" - The Doctor. 

"Here we go again" - Madame Vastra. Strax is also in the shot to the right. Echoing the line the Brigadier said during the third Doctor's regeneration into the fourth.

Clara falling in a tunnel with something on her wrist.

Dinosaur in front of the Houses of Parliament walking along.

A Dalek spaceship, surrounded by lots of tiny other spaceships.

A fast moving shot towards of a robot, in front of a castle from Robots of Sherwood

The Doctor in a nightie on a horse in a street, from filming we know this is from Deep Breath.

 She appears to be in a house, perhaps at home? Could this be meeting the "Woman in the Shop"? A "Little Red Riding Hood" story? We know he's meeting Robin Hood. A trend, maybe?

 The Doctor clinging on for dear life as the air is sucked out. Clearly some sort of station. Reminds of the resolution of Flesh And Stone, with the Eleventh Doctor clinging on sideways.

 The Daleks are back!

We interrupt this Series 8 trailer to bring you the Series 6 trailer with a similar shot of the TARDIS flying away from the universe in The Doctor's Wife.

The Doctor staring offscreen from inside the TARDIS.
"Clara tell me. Am I a good man?" - The Doctor voice over.

The Doctor and Clara sitting in the Console room. The Doctor looks very worried over her answer while Clara looks confronted with a question she cannot possibly answer.
"I...don't know" - Clara.


"Doctor Who. Saturday 23rd of August, on BBC One".

To download all the frames from the trailer in high quality, click here. You are welcome to share the pictures and the breakdown, as long as you provide credit.

Did we miss anything, get anything wrong or got any further thoughts? Comment below!

(Thanks to /u/EricTheWeirdo for the Star Trek crossover poster!)


Guy Lambert said...

The spaceship looks totally like a Dalek saucer - reminded me very much of the battle sequence in 'Victory'

Ingold Inglorion said...

Oh gods enough about the 'woman in the shop.' It was a throwaway line, not Rose, not some deep mystery.

Kelvington said...

The bug eyed monster looks a lot like the crashed ship in "Alien".

dhhs said...

The eye with the large pupil could possibly be the return of the werewolf from Tenant era.??

The Doctor said...

Whats this about a woman in a shop? :) I don't really remember! :D

Charles W said...

I thought, in hindsight, it was supposed to be a kind of throwaway reference to it being another Clara, maybe an older one, placing herself in history to be where she needed to be to help the Doctor. Just conjecture, but conjecture like this is part of the fun of the show.

damnedyankee said...

Robot-man looks Steampunk, and probably ties in with the first episode as well.

null said...

Wrong, it's referenced in the first episode.

Ellis Almond said...

Worth mentioning the bug-eyed alien is wearing a space suit like the Doctor's, it's a Dalek ship, the Doctor is wearing a suit and tie in one shot (not his regular costume) and the Dalek voice heard is more human and less Dalek sounding.

John Frobisher said...

Thanks for the download link for the frames!
Would it also perhaps be possible to provide a download link for trailer itself in high quality?

Joe Davis said...

The first Dalek seen seems to be of a lighter blue/white colour with a purple lens, interesting.

Bookworm said...

The women in the shop /is/ relevant. Spoilers!

jimbo2122 said...

I can assure you that you are wrong about that.

Fred said...

My guess is the voice is Dalek Oswin, and that they travel back through the Doctors own timeline to the Asylum of the Daleks (as one of his mistakes which needs fixing, presumably), hence the juxtaposed shots of Clara looking befuddled and the Dalek eye stalk, and also hence the dodgy corridor shots and Clara with something on her wrist falling down tunnel. Could the station-esque shot be back on the Byzantium? Wild speculation, but it's fun! All the papers kept saying the Cyberman make an appearance in the trailer. Where's that then, I can't see them?

Ann Rtist said...

The "Daleky" voice is Davros. Davros returns.

Kelvington said...

How can it be ANYTHING but River Song? Didn't she post an advert for Amy to find? So she gave Clara the number... I never thought anything more about it after that.