Friday, 15 August 2014

Doctor Who Deep Breath Cast List Released

The cast list for the series 8 opener, Deep Breath, has been revealed.

The Doctor - Peter Capaldi
Clara - Jenna Coleman
Madame Vastra - Neve McIntosh
Strax - Dan Starkey
Jenny - Catrin Stewart
Half-Face Man - Peter Ferdinando
Inspector Gregson - Paul Hickey
Alf - Tony Way
Elsie - Maggie Service
Cabbie - Mark Kempner
Barney - Brian Miller
Waiter - Graham Duff
Courtney - Ellis George
Policeman - Peter Hannah - Footman

1 comment :

James Walker said...

Inspector Gregson? Like from Sherlock Holmes? Is this for real? I can't believe its a coincidence.

Also, if Alf isn't a cat-eating furry alien from Melmac i will be severely disappointed.