Saturday, 23 August 2014

Doctor Who Extra Returns Behind the Scenes Content - Will It Live Up To Expectations?

So it was recently announced that a new series, Doctor Who Extra, was being launched for behind-the-scenes content. But are we getting our hopes up over what will be a minuscule change? This is a short overview of the history and a couple of things to bear in mind.

The issue over behind the scenes content started a few years ago when Zai Bennett wrongfully axed Doctor Who Confidential, just before The Wedding of River Song aired. Outrage! Not only did a Twitter campaign start up, which developed a full-blown petition, but some of the producers, such as Moffat, spoke out against it. But alas, it was all unsuccessful.

But then, the BBC announced they'll be Confidential-esque content for Series 7. Woo! Saved!

But while this was better than nothing, we were left rather disappointed. We all still missed Confidential since just an average of 3-4 minutes per episode barely allows it to go into proper detail on how they made anything specific.

But now? Through the BBC's efforts of making more iPlayer exclusive content a reality, we are getting an upgrade to 10 minutes as standard for all episodes, but with the two previous specials, The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor, being 13:09 and 12:39 respectively, how much of an upgrade would this really seem?

If they treat it well, it could actually be a decent upgrade and back to Doctor Who Confidential's level. Length doesn't always equal quality and while the full-length Doctor Who Confidentials were around 30 (and then 45) minutes, these were filled with a lot of fluff (namely fan-made-esque highlight reels) and the cutdowns usually were around 10-15 minutes, not much, if at all, longer than the stated time for Doctor Who Extra

Having said that, I doubt they will do it that well. Judging from the latest Behind the Lens videos, they'll include a usual 30-60 second introduction and 30s credits, which can take up 10/15% easily. After all, maybe Zai Bennett had a point. How do you keep up a behind the scenes show without going over the top on repeating the same content? So the question detailed and well thought out is the content? How much of it is just interviews with the cast on their backstory?

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whopix said...

well ten minutes is better than nothing but I doubt it'll be any different from a Confidential Cut-Down.

James Baker said...

I'm a lifelong who fan and recently wrote about it on my blog: