Sunday, 24 August 2014

Doctor Who 'Into the Dalek' 10 teasers

Over the course of this series we will be offering each week 10 teasers related to the upcoming episode.

10 Teasers for 'Into the Dalek':

  1. "Rusty?"
  2. Aristotle
  3. Remember the Doctor went for coffee?
  4. "Bolt Hole!"
  5. "Are you my Doctor?"
  6. Listen out for references to The TV Movie and Amy's Choice
  7. A cut-scene would do just nicely...
  8. "Welcome to the most dangerous place in the universe"
  9. We finally see someone die on screen
  10. "You're one of my hobbies"


Luke Jones said...


gcatherinev said...

"We finally see someone die on screen" =.=

Alex said...

I didn't spot 6 or 9. What were these?