Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Doctor Who: Legacy To Tie Into Series 8

Doctor Who: Legacy, by Tiny Rebel and Seed Studio, has been incredibly popular, achieving over 1 million installs, and have no revealed that it will tie into Series 8.

After every new episode, new content will be added such as allies, enemies, costumes and backgrounds, starting with a new costume for Jenny.

They will be launching a special stream on Sundays at 8pm on Twitch here, where the viewer will be the first to receive the first costume.

Lee Cummings, Creative Director at Tiny Rebel Games has commented:
“When we launched Doctor Who: Legacy back in November, we couldn’t have imagined the amazingly engaged and supportive fan community that it would inspire”
Susan Cummings, Executive Producer of Doctor Who: Legacy adds:
“We are so thrilled and honored at the privilege the BBC has allowed us in supporting the upcoming season of the show with the 12th Doctor and his allies on their new adventures. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with our fans!”

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