Saturday, 6 September 2014

What Was Cut From Robot of Sherwood

The BBC earlier announced that a beheading sequence was cut from the episode in order to show respect to the American journalists beheaded by ISIS. The following is what was cut:
During the sword fight between Robin and the Sheriff, Robin is disarmed.
The Sheriff proudly boasts "The end draws near for you."
Robin replies, "No. I rather think it's you that's facing the final curtain!"
Before the Sheriff can kill him, a cloth tapestry is thrown over the Sheriff, restricting his sight and movement. Robin takes the opportunity and swings his sword, decapitating him.
 The Sheriff's head, wrapped in the tapestry, rolls across the floor. Clara exclaims "Brilliant, Robin! Brilliant!"
The Sheriff's head then continues to breath as it comes out from under the tapestry. He explains: "I forgot to mention, my Lady, that the skyship fell on me. And my rude Mechanicals took good care of me. Very. Good. Care."
Clara asks, "You're a robot, too??"
The head of the Sheriff replies, "Half of me, my Lady. The rest is talent and pure flair!". The headless body, from behind the group, grabs Clara and points its sword at her throat. "Surrender! Or the wench dies!"
Robin scoops up the severed head and tosses it to the headless body - which promptly lets go of Clara and clicks its head back on!
"Thank you!"
Robin replies, "Call it a sporting gesture!"
"And one which will cost you your neck!"
And thus, the fight scene continued. 


Anonfan said...

The actual scene is on daily motion now too.

Matthew Kilburn said...

Thank you - this explains the 'part man, part engine' line and the Sheriff's hands sticking out of the molten metal.

Scarilian said...

Without the scene the episode made no sense, especially with the villain spouting about the 'half man, half machine' dialogue and being 'the first of a new race'
I understand why it was cut, but it ruined an otherwise fairly good episode for me. I hope they air the full version eventually - as the episode is ruined due to this as half the things mentioned earlier in the episode lack their resolution.

For example;
- The Sheriff and Clara
- The Doctor showing worry over Clara
- All the dialogue about the crash and the idea of the Sheriff being robotic
Not to mention it also ruins the title as the 'Robot of Sherwood' was referring to the Sheriff. Once again, its 'Robot' not Robots

Antipholus Papps said...

The cut was ridiculous - this episode was fun but that scene bumped it up to greatness! And for what? To pander to American imperial warmongering propaganda? If the increasingly shrill and Pravda-like BBC can't stay independent of pro-war propaganda, then they should have just bumped the episode back and brought a later episode forward. That scene defined the bloody episode!