Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Watch ALL Classic Doctor Who Episodes At The Same Time!

YouTube user Omni Verse has one-uped his previous Doctor Who videos and produced one containing the first 15 minutes of every single Classic Doctor Who episode (including using the recons for missing episodes)! Check it out below!


Scarilian said...

Words cannot describe how completely unnecessary, pointless and nonsensical this video is. Granted its... something... to have so many of the classic series episodes showing at once... though that's only from the basic fact that each one is now copyrighted to the extent where the video can be banned worldwide.

Not really something interesting either given a lot of it is just 'noise' with nothing really to warrant it existing. I suppose it would be something if several episodes happened to have similar scenes occurring at the same time, but because its so tiny, you cant even tell what is happening in any of the episodes.

In essence, to me at least, its just 15 minutes of a bunch of classic episodes condensed into a barely watchable mess. I can understand the appeal just from the idea of "lets stick the first 15 minutes of every episode together and see what happens" but the result is an indescribable mess.

J. Drain said...

It's not exactly every episode when a lot of them are missing and the use of the recons is just a way to say "Oh hey, it's technically all the episodes!"

Pete Caldwell said...

I think this is INCREDIBLE! Ignore the naysayers, as usual people who aren't forced to watch something complain about it like it shouldn't exist. As a technology demo, it's very cool (how on Gallifrey did you do this???). In fact, a video explaining how you did it, how long it took and how much storage, etc was used creating it would completely fascinating!
As an optional interface mode for an eventual "Doctor Who: The Complete Series 1963 up to 2016" incl all spin offs, one offs, etc - this would be a virtual God Mode or Guardian Mode to bee bop around thru the Doctor's time stream at will! Just tap the tiny video and voila! There's Doctor Who and the Solurians full screen full resolution. Just pinch the screen to go back to lifetimes timelines overview mode. I wonder what percentage of fans could jump around fairly accurately picking stories based on nothing more than the tiny video and the relative placement of the episodes in aired order? I know I could easily navigate it and expect mist other hard core fans could as well. How awesome would an iPad or similar be with n TB's of storage and every HD episode of Who (this is after every possible episode gas been recovered and the few missing animated of course) and spin offs like K9& Co, SJA, TW etc loaded on it? In exclusive Police Box blue of course. And in addition to the usual scrolling season by series interface, this could be an Easter Egg God Mode, or the Great Intelligence's TV view of he Doctor's time stream! How freakin awesome would that be????