Friday, 10 July 2015

Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer Breakdown

So we've finally had a proper trailer for series 9. Click here to see that and the press release that accompanies it. 

Once again, I've gone frame-by-frame for a comprehensive breakdown of it, and boy is there a lot of shots. Click to enlarge the images. I am hoping to cap a higher quality copy of the trailer from BBC One over the next day or so since YouTube's quality is terrible for screenshots, although it's been rumoured at being an online-exclusive.

Since the trailer has been cropped for a cinematic style, so have the screenshots.

What do you think? Do you think I've made a mistake or missing something?? Comment below!

#1: We start with an opening shot of stars in the sky when suddenly...WOOSH! TARDIS!

#2: Overhead shot of the TARDIS. Note the new roundels, as mentioned in the press release. 

#3: Exploding behind The Doctor

#4: Clara running away from two, presumably, antagonists.

#5: Someone, presumably the Doctor, jumps through a closing door. 

#6: Clearly a "caught on the toilet" face.

#7: Unknown humanoid alien, possibly a robot?

#8: Apparently, Daleks exploding is now a required thing in trailers.

#9: A eye slowly opens. In high detail. It looks like an alien monster and ancient/alien letters are reflected.

#10: A corridor, Similar to the one Clara and The Doctor was in earlier, but  
it looks as if it was a modern minimalist one, but has been left for centuries.
The Doctor: "Every time I think it couldn't get more extra-ordinary, it surprises me"

#11: Of course, it also has power problems. 

 #12: Alien robots. We saw these announced while filming The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived.

#13: Two hands come out of the ground. But what for? I note the lack of any vegetation around.

#14: An elderly man (with not great make-up!) walks down the same corridor as seen earlier, followed by two people.

#15: A Dalek moving its head. Wow.
"That's impossible. I hated it. It's evil. It's astonishing."

#16: A multi-faced character with multiple glasses of liquid (wine?) with a cute hat. Perhaps this is a game of chance? 
#17: Looks like a masked woman to me. 

#18: A boy sits against a wall with radiation warnings on it.
 #19: Missy is back. She has what appears to be a sniper's sight dot on her mirror, presumably from UNIT as we know they're both in the opening episodes. She's looking around for the source.
The Doctor: "I want to kiss it to death"

#20: Zoom to low-angle shot of Capaldi in TARDIS. He shrugs. GIF provided for reasons unknown even to me.

#21: Pulling the lever.

#22: YAY! Alien landscape. It's always nice to see these. This looks pretty Dalek-y to me, especially as we know there'll be a city of Daleks.

#23: Unknown disfigured man within a quarry. He appears to be surrounded and panicking.

#24: The people surrounding him. This reminds me of Karn.

#25: Another over-head shot of the TARDIS.

#26: Clara in the red spacesuit! (Also, Roundels!)

 #27: The Doctor's stare.

 #28: Missy opens her eyes (gee, that seems familiar from somewhere....)

 #29: Shock horror on woman's face. She then drags her companion in her direction. Same episode as the corridor earlier.
 #30: Eyeless (dead?) man.

#31: Underwater city! Awesome! 

#32:  The Doctor is running towards Clara. He appears to be holding his 2,000 year old diary.

 #33: The Doctor hugs Clara rather forcibly. This had no clear frame so there's a GIF too!

 #34: Clara hiding behind a door.

 #35: Zygon kidnaps little girl.

 #36: Alternate shot (so you can see his face).

#37: TARDIS overhead shot 

 #48: TARDIS exploding. (Heh, look at the bit of rubbish tapestry just to the left of he Doctor's head)

 #49: Another angle of TARDIS exploding

 #50: The Doctor playing the electric guitar. Wait....what?

 #51: The Doctor funking out.

 #52: Check out that kisser.

 #53: The Doctor looks pretty scared. 

 #54: Upclose eye-shot of unknown female.

 #55: Clara in the red suit in space.
 #56: Humanoid alien chasing a couple of people

 #57: The Doctor and Clara running from said beasty.

#58: Old attack planes are attacking a group of men running.

#59: And getting quite close too.

 #60: Clara and Missy, turning to look at....something!

 #61: Clara watching The Doctor put on his sunglasses.

 #62: He looks so happy!

 #63: Deal With

 #64: It
(Can you tell I liked adding GIFs here?)

 #65: Same old sonic screwdriver flying through the air
The Doctor: "I'm the Doctor!"

 #66: The Doctor in a wasteland. 
The Doctor: "And I save people!"

 #67: Doctor Who!

 #68: The series premiers on 19th September.

 #69: Young female in an old-style mask and clothes reveals her face

 #70: Hey look! It's Maisie! She's in "The Girl Who Died" and "The Woman Who Waited".

 #71: The Doctor is shocked
The Doctor: "You"

 #72: Maisie's Character (unknown): "What took you so long, old man?"
There has been a lot of speculation as to who she plays, mostly revolving around Susan Foreman, the Doctor's granddaughter, and Jenny, The Doctor's generated daughter from The Doctor's Daughter (which would kind of fit considering her episode titles).

#73: Arched eyebrow. 


Bndy said...

In shot #15 there is a classic Dalek in the background

Sollasollewmn said...

There's speculation that shot #29 is an aged up Maisie Williams.

NieNie said...

I'd like to point out that the Doctor hugged Clara...Doctor does not do wonder what happened that he hugged her hmmmm

Mark Schleupner said...

#14 could be the Magician from Episode One, Doesn't it look like he's wearing a Top Hat?