Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Big Finish Reveals Torchwood's New Theme and Series Composer

Big Finish revealed the new Torchwood theme, composed by BAFTA-nominated Blair Mowat. You can listen to it here on Soundcloud or in the YouTube player below.

Blair Mowat is the new composer for Big Finish's Torchwood audio drama series and has previously worked on shows such as Horizon and has worked with Murray Gold on shows such as Doctor Who and Life Story. He composed the opening theme for the official Doctor Who Fan Show on the Doctor Who YouTube channel.

"I've always been a fan of Torchwood and have been a fan of Doctor Who from before I could even speak" said Blair, “ So I know this world very well. I was also delighted to be asked to do a new arrangement of the theme. I spoke with Murray to make sure I was very reverential to his brilliant original, whilst being sure to give it my own twist.

“The incidental music is also very much in the tonal world of Torchwood that Murray and Ben created together, whilst still allowing room for us to explore new musical ideas and motifs. So expect chugga chugga strings, reversed effects and guitars aplenty. Oh and that biddle biddle thing, or is it takka takka? Anyway that Torchwood noise...don’t worry it’s in there!”

"We're so lucky to have Blair," says producer James Goss. “He's incredibly, unbelievably busy, but has approached the whole project with such enthusiasm. He's assembled both a tribute act to the original series and a score that's properly exciting in its own right. The results are something really special.”

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