Saturday, 19 September 2015

Doctor Who Director Euros Lyn to Receive Top BAFTA Cymru Award

Acclaimed film and television director Euros Lyn will receive a prestigious award, the Siân Phillips Award, during the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Cymru awards ceremony in Wales later this month.

Euros Lyn has previously directly episodes such as Tooth and Claw, The End of Time and the hugo-winning The Girl in the Fireplace, as well as Torchwood: Children of Earth. Other credits include Broadchurch, Sherlock and Daredevil.

The announcement was made on Thursday at a party to celebrate the nominees for this year's BAFTA Cymru Awards.

The Siân Phillips Award has previously recognised Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, who brought back the show in 2005.

Euros said: “It’s a great honour to follow in the footsteps of the talented Rhys Ifans, Julie Gardner and Matthew Rhys, and to receive the award named in honour of Siân Phillips, the greatest screen hero to come from the Swansea Valley.”

Hannah Raybould, Director of BAFTA Cymru, said: “A very special congratulations to Euros Lyn, one of Wales’ most successful directors, who will be receiving the Siân Phillips Award at the British Academy Cymru Awards later this month. We look forward to celebrating his considerable achievements then.”

[Sources: BBC, DailyPost, WalesOnline]

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