Saturday, 19 September 2015

Michelle Gomez Wants To Keep Playing Missy on Doctor Who For Years

In an interview with io9, Michelle Gomez has commented on her thoughts of Missy and Doctor Who. Here are some of the highlights or you can click here to read the interview in full.

When asked on what it felt like to come back so soon after her character's apparent demise; “It took me by surprise,” says Gomez. “I didn’t expect to come back so fast. I felt like I was on a sort of Missy boomerang.”

Missy is “like a cockroach, in a way. She’s a big, fat, black cockroach that just won’t die,” laughs Gomez. “You can squash that bug as many times as you like, but she’s just going to keep growing another arm, and another leg, and she just won’t die. So because of that, she just sort of plays with death. She doesn’t have any respect for it. It’s just all a game to her. If she can’t die anyway, then she might as well have a lot of fun with it.”

Missy doesn’t really have much time for the Daleks, says Gomez. “They’re not very nimble. They’re not very graceful. She loves her Cybermen, there’s something very cool about them. I, as a fan, am quite partial to the Daleks myself, and especially the ones that are going to turn up in this series. They’re actually a thing of great beauty in a way.”

“I am having so much fun with this character,” says Gomez, “probably a little too much fun. Occasionally in a career, you get one or two chances to just really enjoy your work and have it not feel like work—even though it is hard work. It’s just a blessing. I’ll play her as long as I can, as long as I’m standing. I’d play her in a wheelchair. I love Missy. She’s great fun.”

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