Saturday, 31 October 2015

Jamie Mathieson Publishes Doctor Who Short Story

Jamie Mathieson, writer of Flatline, Mummy on the Orient Express and The Girl Who Died, has published a short story to celebrate the Doctor Who Festival. It is called My Dad, The Doctor and was published in First News. Read a snippet below or click here to read the whole thing.

We were walking Biscuit when we found the sunglasses.
The air was cold enough to sting a little when you breathed it in, coming out in clouds of steam that made us all look like dragons. I was busy breaking icy puddles with my new wellies when I heard Dad laugh.
The sunglasses were sitting in a blackened crater just outside the wood. Dad said they looked as if they had fallen like a meteor, but obviously someone had just made a campfire. It was still funny though.
He crouched down to pick them up. I thought he was going to pass them to me, but as soon as he touched them he looked distant. Then he put them on, looked at me and said ‘Well, my eyes appear to be working at any rate.’
Only now his accent was Scottish.
Read more here. 

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