Thursday, 12 November 2015

Charity Audio-Drama Eternity Rises Released Soon

For the past three years, Word of Mouth Productions have been producing Doctor Who spin-off audio dramas in order to raise money for Children in Need. The successful One Fine Time Lord in 2013 and Dark Times in 2014 received almost half a million downloads and this year sees the release of the final part of the Archeron trilogy.

Gallifrey lies in ruins after the savagery of the Time War. An undaunted Lord President Rassilon reaches back into the darkest shadows of his people’s history and brings forth the ultimate evil to assure that he will reign supreme throughout time and space. The allies of Lord Archeron, the late great historian of Gallifrey, gather one last time to fulfill an ancient prophecy and prepare for the final confrontation against a ruthless tyrant bent on devouring their very souls... ETERNITY RISES completes the Archeron trilogy, taking place long after the events of both ONE FINE TIME LORD and DARK TIMES. This third and final chapter reveals the true nature of Rassilon and what fuels his mad quest for total domination of Time Lord society, and summons the only man who can hope to stop him. Destiny beckons Archeron to rise up once more and face his greatest foe.
Featuring a fantastic cast including Doctor Who alumni Terry Molloy and Lauren Wilson this year promises to end the journey that began in 2013 in an appropriately dramatic fashion!

You can listen to an audio sample and watch the promo below. For more information and to download for free when released, click here. And don't forget to donate!

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