Saturday, 21 November 2015

Doctor Who: Face the Raven Teasers

Here are some teasers for tonight's episode, Face the Raven.
  • There's a musical stint at the beginning that matches the beginning of a previous episode that...well that would be telling
  • "She enjoyed that way too much"
  • "I guarantee the safely of Clara Oswald. She'll be under my personal protection. That is absolute."
  • "The Doctor is no longer here, you are stuck with me. And I will end you and everything you love."
  • "I did this to save you."
  • A certain Torchwood drug returns
  • "You can flee across all of time and all of the universe. It'd still find you."
  • "Don't run. Stay with her."
  • "You can't cheat it"
  • "You trusted us to save you."
  • "There are sometimes Jane Austin and I prank each other. Oh, she is the worst, I love her."
  •  There's a certain Game of Thrones parallel in this episode.
  • "I had no idea she'd so something so stupid. I swear."
  • "You will do it now or I will bring hell on you for the rest of time."
  • There's a post credit scene 
Next time teasers:

  •  "I know you."
  • "I am the Doctor. I'm going to find you and I will never ever stop."
Face the Raven airs tonight on BBC One at 8.15pm.

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