Friday, 6 November 2015

Doctor Who Series 9 Viewing Figures (Incl. iPlayer), Rankings and AI Roundup

Series 9 has had a rather bumpy ride with its viewing figures, mostly due to late showings and Rugby clashes, causing a lot of concerned news articles about the show's non-existent upcoming cancellation.

Here's all the viewing figures released up until now formatted in a table. See below the table for an explanation for the figures.

Episode Overnight Consolidated
7-day &
iPlayer (BARB)
2 week &
4 week
iPlayer (BBC) AI Weekly TV Ranking 4-Week Online Ranking
01: The Magician's Apprentice 4.58 6.54
TBA 84 13 8
02: The Witch's Familiar 3.7 5.71
TBA 83 24 9
03: Under the Lake 3.7 5.63
TBA 84 22 8
04: Before the Flood 4.38 6.05
TBA 83 21 TBA
05: The Girl Who Died 4.85 6.56
TBA 82 18 TBA
06: The Woman Who Lived 4.34 6.11
07: The Zygon Invasion 3.87 TBA TBA TBA 82 TBA TBA

Overnight figures are unofficial BARB estimated figures for number of people watching on the day.

Consolidated figures are BARB estimated figures include PVR/time-shifted viewings within 7 days and 28-days, respectively, of the original transmission.

The iPlayer (BARB) figures comes from BARB's new TV Player Report, a new report on the consumption of online TV content across the UK industry and is across the whole population. It is currently in beta is limited to website and iOS viewings only. It is measured in Average Programme Streams, which is the total viewing time of a programme on a TV Player by all devices in the reported period, divided by the full length of the programme. The figures are from the 2-week and 4-week tables which represent the following 8 and 22 days respectively.

The iPlayer (BBC) figures come from the BBC's iPlayer performance reports. These are the total number of (successful) requests for the episode. Since this includes partial viewings, this figure will be far higher than other figures. It is also unclear what period it covers.

The Appreciation Index (AI) is a statistical representation of the amount of enjoyment the audience derived from the episode. It is out of 100, and is compiled from a selected panel of around 5,000 people who rate and comment on programmes.

The Weekly TV Rankings is the ranking of the episode in the 7-day viewing figures of that week for all shows on all channels.

The 4-Week Online Ranking is the placement in BARB's online viewing chart four weeks after broadcast. It is worth noting that these ratings can also include other episodes of Doctor Who.

For those interested, here is a graph of the main viewing figures up until this point with a comparison to the previous series. We can see that while series 9s is still lower than 8, it isn't that far behind on the whole (and almost entirely caught up!). Given the slightly lowered interest from series 8's new Doctor, the Rugby and the shift of even more of the main demographic shifting to digital viewing, this change isn't all that surprising.

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Internationally however, Doctor Who has been performing very well. In Australia, the overnight figures for TMA showed it was the top-rated ABC drama of the day (ranking 8th overall). In the USA, the premiere on BBC America broke records with a 2 million figure, nearly doubling the S8 average.

Note: The table and graph will not be updated on this post. We have a dedicated page here for viewing figures and it will be updated throughout the series. 

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