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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Special Titled "Last Christmas" and Promotional Cover Released!

The BBC have revealed the title of this year's Christmas special as "Last Christmas" and released a cover for it, featuring Jenna Coleman, Peter Capaldi and Nick Frost as Clara, The Doctor and Santa respectively, in the foreground and Dan Starkey and Nathan McMullen as Ian and Wolf in the background.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Children in Need To Show Christmas Special Preview, Promotional Picture Released

The BBC have confirmed that a preview of the Christmas special will be shown this Friday night at Children in Need. They have also released this promotional picture, featuring The Doctor and Santa Claus, alongside the announcement.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

WATCH: Doctor Who - 2014 Christmas Special Trailer

WATCH: Doctor Who Extra - Death in Heaven Here

The Preview Review: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 12: Death in Heaven [Spoiler-Lite]

 (While this review does not contain major spoilers or specifics, it does talk about officially released details and some minor things may be given away.  It also draws your attention to hints in the episode. Read at your own discretion.)

So after last week's episode ended with the cliffhanger of the Cybermen and Missy being the Master. Who actually saw that coming? Most of us thought it was far too obvious! Now, we have Missy in control of the Cybermen as she gets ready to take over Earth. Again.

And if the previous story didn't receive enough complains about being dark or featuring an afterlife or offending people, this one probably will. You wanted consequences? Be careful what you wish for. This episode is hardly friendly for the entire family, but for the older fellows, this episode is incredibly entertaining and has it's funny moments. You'll want to hang onto those! Lets just say the episode is very well titled.

We rejoin the adventure right where Dark Water ends on, with Clara facing a Cyberman and Missy and The Doctor out in the streets watching the invasion and Danny in the Nethersphere. After the crowd has taken a few selfies with the Cybermen, UNIT shows up exceedingly quickly, with a rather flimsy clich├ęd reasoning behind it, which adds a bunch of questions to the episode that never really get answered. At least we find out why they are there at that specific time.

We soon see the duo hurtled off onto UNIT's new plane, fitted with a fine portrait of the Brigadier, and we see The Doctor try to take care of things from his new position on the plane while dealing with the restrained Missy, with plenty of chance for the good old stand-off between good and evil, more than once.

If ever there was any doubt about Michelle Gomez as The Master, this episode shuns that out as far as possible. She was delightful with an incredibly strong portrayal of a character that is "bananas", but a better mix than Simm's Master between crazy and clever. And that Mary Poppins look? Even the show fully realises that she is incredibly similar to her.

And playing opposite Michelle Gomez is our lord and master, Peter Capaldi. I know we all say that so much, but it's true. Capaldi really comes into his own in this episode as he faces some shocking revelations and very difficult decisions and actions. His hair also looks good in the wind! And if you plan to have him round, he takes 7 sugars, thanks.

Jenna Coleman and Samuel Anderson are absolutely wonderful as they attempt to get round the challenging events surrounding the episode, although I cannot go into further detail there! Lets just say that the fate of both are beautifully handled.

The return of Kate Stewart, our friendly neighbourhood bridge player played by Jemma Redgrave, and Osgood, the not-so-subtle personification of the fandom played by Ingrid Oliver, were a great addition to the cast, nicely referencing a good proportion of Classic (such as an old Cyberman head) and a certain previous Doctor. However, the addition of Sanjeev Bhasker as Colonel Ahmed was rather pointless and added nothing to the episode, other than an amusing jab at military history.

The heart-wrenching return of a certain character will be massively controversial and likely to cause some shitstorms. Perhaps Moffat went too far? I, however, liked it and thought it was touching.

Director Rachel Talalay provides some stunning shots and epic action sequence (poor plane) and really helps to tie the whole thing together. The episode is well paced, although the closing scenes felt a tad slow after the climax. It's also great to have a bit of a break from an episode focused on the "timey-wimey" and is kept relatively simple, so lets thank Moffat for that!

Kudos go to Milk and BBC Wales Graphics for the excellent CGI in this episode. This episode is simply on a massive scale. We have Cybermen jetpacking around, planes being attacked in midair and plenty of death by Missy. Pay attention to the title sequence too since there's a rather hilarious edit.

With a really long list of spoilers I'm not allowed to talk about, the episode manages to answer a lot of questions. Was Missy the regeneration after Simm, who got trapped on Gallifrey? How did she escape? Where is Gallifrey now? Who is Gus? What the hell was that writing on the chalkboard? Why are robots heading for the Promised Land? How did they know it existed? How are the bodies rescued from cremation? Was it really Missy who brought Clara and The Doctor together? How do they convert the dead? Why not the living?  Who is Seb? Is Missy really The Master? Only a tiny number of these questions are actually answered, with plenty of flashbacks, allowing Moffat to answer them in the future.

Death in Heaven is a very strong end to the series and is, on the whole, satisfying and possibly the best finale story we've had since the show was revived.

Overall, I would rate Dark Water/Death in Heaven 9/10.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

BBC Worldwide to Replace 50th Anniversary Boxset The Day of the Doctor Discs

BBC Worldwide is to replace all of the Day of the Doctor Bluray discs from the 50th Collectors Edition Boxset.

Due to a fault with the sound for The Day of the Doctor, which only applies to a subset of systems listening on Stereo (more details by a Gallifrey Base user here), BBC Worldwide is replacing the second disc of the set.
This is also good news for fans who prefer to watch it in its original frame rate, 25fps, rather than watching the slightly slowed down 23.97fps version (personally, I can't tell the difference but hey!) since it will be provided in 1080i50.

Please be aware that this only applies to the 2D Collectors Edition Bluray disc, and not to the standalone 3D disc.

To get your disc replaced, pop the disc in an envelope, making sure to include your own address, and send it to this freepost address:
BBC Worldwide Ltd
BBC DVD Support
33 Foley Street
This freepost address only applies to UK and mainland customers. 

The estimated time frame currently stands at around 1-2 weeks.

Doctor Who: Death in Heaven 10 teasers

It's the series finale! Can you believe it? Here are the final 10 teasers for this series in the appropriately titled episode, 'Death in Heaven':

  1. "Say something nice"
  2. Not everyone makes it out alive.
  3. "Hey Missy you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind hey Missy"
  4. "Bow ties are cool"
  5. Mr. President
  6. "I'm gonna miss her too"
  7. "Happy Birthday"
  8. "No more"
  9. What happens to clouds when it starts to rain?
  10. Guard the graveyards.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Doctor Who - Skaro's Spoiler-Filled Review: Dark Water

So, there we have it! The big reveal is out there and we know exactly who Missy is. Missy has been following the Doctor’s adventures for quite some time now, is actually the Gallifreyan evil genius The Master – We don't have all the answers yet, but I'm sure we'll be getting them in this week’s series finale ‘Death in Heaven’.

'Dark Water' was a great start to what appears to be an astounding finale, full of big surprises. Setting up the story with the sudden death of Danny Pink we are presented with an unusual scenario between The Doctor and Clara: betrayal. The performances given throughout the story were touching and Jenna Coleman came into her own once again with her heartbreaking performance upon discovering and accepting Danny's death. Clara is willing to do anything to be reunited with her Mr Pink, and we see how dangerous anger can be.

This episode features many twists and turns the first coming before the titles have even rolled. Danny’s death delivers the second biggest turning point of Series 8, the biggest, of course, being the revelation of Missy’s true identity in the final moments, more on that later. The death of Danny not only makes Clara deal with the consequences of death but also forces The Doctor to tell Clara how much he values their friendship, something he has avoided saying since his regeneration. The episode does not steer clear of delving into the concept of death, cremation and the afterlife. Topics that have been danced around in not only in Doctor Who but also Torchwood (see 'Dead Man Walking’). This was however done disturbingly enough but without becoming too offensive to the viewer.

Missy’s secret is out there – she’s the Master, and we have missed her! Michelle Gomez has managed to bring new life to the character, bringing more to the role in one episode than John Simm did in his tenure as the Master (not that I'm slating his performance). We've wondered who she is ever since she met the Half-Face man in ‘Paradise’, cropping up throughout the season collecting people…we must question, why these specifically? Are they part of a bigger piece, only time will tell? The most important thing to put across about Gomez’s scenes within the episode is that not once did I lose any interest in her character, every twist and turn was followed my dropping of my jaw (even at one point she persuaded me that Missy was in fact a droid) – this isn't just great story telling from Steven Moffat, this is opening up to the character – A big well done should be given to Michelle Gomez if you pass her on the street.

Overall this episode set up what is sure to be monumental finale. Questions on Seb's identity, the point of the Gallifreyan Hard Drive and how, if at all the Doctor can beat Missy are sure to be answered, but right now I'm happy with what this episode achieved and has gone down as one of the most memorable of the new series in my opinion. 9/10. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Saturday, 1 November 2014

WATCH: Doctor Who Extra - Dark Water

The Preview Review: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 11: Dark Water [Spoiler-Lite]

 (While this review does not contain major spoilers or specifics, it does talk about officially released details and some minor things may be given away.  It also draws your attention to hints in the episode. Read at your own discretion.)

 Because of the nature of the episode, being both spoiler-filled and a two parter, and the removal of the Missy revelation scenes, it's almost impossible to give a worthy review, therefore this review won't be that great compared to normal.

Dark Water sees the return of two-parters to the series, something much sought after since they were put on the back burner. This episode leaves all the epic drama seen in the trailers for the finale episode, and focuses on pulling all the strings together for the viewers to understand it. While this didn't work well for Time of the Doctor, this is pulled off very well in this episode, mainly relying on the series arc to keep people interested. The episode will still leave people with many questions, only answering a very small few. The episode feels very much like exactly half of the story, and I often think this story will work far better as either a double episode or watched one after another, since after the cliffhanger, I couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed about the lack of information revealed.  That's the point though, right? The episode was very fluid and it feels as if it had just shot past without feeling rushed.

Central to the plot is the relationship between Clara and Danny. After Danny found out last week about Clara staying on the TARDIS, we see the episode open as she begins to answer his request to be truthful, after spending a long time working out exactly what to say and the events of this phone call kickstarts the entire finale. Danny Pink has to face his dreadful past and, while it was almost exactly what was expected, it still was a major factor in making the episode heart-wrenching. 

This episode is exceedingly dark with the events surrounding those who have died. This episode may sit uneasy with those who have recently lost a loved one, perhaps offend some religions and could even traumatise children, especially those who are not yet old enough to realise the show is fictional. I believe only the latter will really come to bear though. Either way, there will be plenty of nightmares going around!

Despite the extremely dark nature of the episode, there's actually a surprising amount of comedy in the episode, mainly coming from Missy and Seb. Moffat is clearly keen to reference plenty of things, from at least three separate Apple references (even avoiding using a trademark, which was bone-chilling) to a Malcolm Tucker joke.

The BBC have made no attempt to keep the Cybermen's return to the show a secret, from releasing a promotional image before series 8 started airing to showing them in the trailer to releasing a preview clip from the final 5 minutes of the episode. Fortunately, the episode is written with the knowledge of this in mind and lots of subtle, and not so subtle, hints are dropped in throughout. This is pulled off surprisingly well and how they are woven into the story is done with gruesome ingenuity.

As usual, all the actors are simply beautiful in their portrayal of the characters. Capaldi and Coleman are incredible in their roles opposite each other as they both try to focus on the traumatic times ahead, while Samuel Anderson definitely does his finest performance on the show. Michelle Gomez, as Missy, fits her role as disturbing very well. On the note of disturbing, Chris Addison is simply hilarious as the person who welcomes the newest deceased.

The directing is, on the whole, very well done although there were some glaring and basic continuity errors which sadly spoiled it a bit for me.

The episode works extremely well, teasing us along. It's thrilling, bone-chilling, funny and exciting. I would definitely recommend a watch, and would probably rate it highly, but I will wait for the finale before rating. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

The Day of the Doctor / The Time of the Doctor Soundtrack Release

Silva Screen have announced they are to release a special two-disc CD for The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor. The set will be released on Monday 24th November 2014 in the UK.

Murray Gold’s lush and spirited scores to the final two episodes of Matt Smith's journey as The Doctor. Featuring the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Crouch End Festival Chorus conducted by Ben Foster.
The first disc presents music from the 50th Anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, starring Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt, with a guest appearance from Tom Baker and a two second 13th Doctor incarnation of Peter Capaldi.
The second disc presents music from the 2013 Christmas episode, The Time of the Doctor, featuring Matt Smith’s final Doctor Who performance and Peter Capaldi in his first regular appearance as The Doctor.

Track listing 

DISC ONE - The Day of the Doctor

  1. I.M Foreman (1:10)
  2. Will There Be Cocktails? (0:40)
  3. It's Him (The Majestic Tale)(2:05)
  4. He Was There (4:23)
  5. No More (1:06)
  6. The War Room (1:42)
  7. Footprints In The Sand (1:43)
  8. Who Are You (4:38)
  9. England 1562 (1:03)
  10. Nice Horse (1:43)
  11. The Fez And The Portal (2:44)
  12. Two Doctors (1:02)
  13. Three Doctors (1:56)
  14. Somewhere To Hide (1:50)
  15. Rescue The Doctor (1:08)
  16. 2.47 Billion (4:28)
  17. Zygon In The Painting (1:35)
  18. Man And Wife (1:33)
  19. We Don't Need To Land (2:27)
  20. We Are The Doctors (0:49)
  21. The Moment Has Come (3:06)
  22. This Time There's Three Of Us (The Majestic Tale (7:03)
  23. Song For Four/Home (3:41)

DISC TWO - The Time of the Doctor

The Message (1:16)
Handles (2:07)
The Dance Of The Naked Doctor (2:13)
You Saved It (0:57)
Papal Mainframe (0:45)
Tasha Lemm (1:07)
Bedroom Talk (1:49)
The Mission (0:54)
Christmas (2:27)
The Crack (5:24)
Rhapsody Of War (0:52)
Back To Christmas (3:09)
Snow Over Trenzalore (Song For Four) (2:46)
Beginning Of The End (2:47)
This Is How It Ends (3:07)
Never Tell Me The Rules (3:12)
Trenzalore/The Long Song/I Am Information (Reprise) (4:03)
Hello Twelve (0:40)