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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Skaro's Spoiler Review: Doctor Who - Series 8: The Caretaker

Warning: This post contains spoilers related to tonights Doctor Who, as such please do not read on if you don't wish to have plot or character development information revealed. Please scroll down for other new Doctor Who content.

'The Caretaker' - Series 8 Episode 6. Co-written by Gareth Roberts & Steven Moffat

It's been twenty-six years since our last adventure in Coal Hill School and few things have changed. There's still alien threats, there's still a time-travelling alien walking around but this time he looks a bit different. 'The Caretaker' throws you right into the weird and wonderful life of Clara Oswald, part-time school teacher and part-time time traveller who's been desperately trying to keep her two lives separate, but when the Doctor's involved we know that can't last forever. The Doctor has finally come face-to-face with Danny Pink.

At face-value 'The Caretaker' is a very comedic story, which exists to progress the relationship between Clara and Danny which does unfortunately mean that in this story the Doctor has to take a back-seat and do his own thing off screen for the majority of the episode, but in a similar sense to 'The Girl Who Waited' his presence is felt throughout the episode, which I would argue means it worked rather well; I wouldn't say I'd like to see this every week though. It can be argued that there is no true plot of this episode and that the only focus is the characters, while that is partially true the episode wouldn't have worked as well without a form of threat that wasn't too demanding (it was missing ''in another time'' for half of the episode), only being used when needed - there is a plot, but it follows the characters and their development towards each other rather than an actual threat that needs 'fixing'.

Our first scene with this weeks monster, a Skovox Blitzer, takes place within an abandoned building frequented by Coal Hill students, or at least thats what the CSO thinks. From a visual point of view you instantly know that this can't end well and yet we're left visually wondering what will happen to the character, that's something that changes every week and we look forward to: Will they kidnap them? Will they kill them? Will they lose a limb? This week it's clear that death is the only answer on this robots mind (which seems to be a running theme of this series). Perhaps we should keep an eye out on minor characters this series...they all seem to be recruited, but for what? Missy, Gate Keeper of the Nethersphere has a plan...

"The anger of a good man is not a problem, good men have too many rules." The words of Madame Kovarian Echo throughout this episode with the doctors anger towards soldiers coming out even more than it has before, originally through sarcasm and then later on through worry. Despite the Doctor coming off as harsh and cold towards Danny and by extent to Clara, he does it out of concern for her and wanting to protect her from harm. The Doctor has a much shorter temper in this incarnation, whether this is warming to the fans is yet to be seen but it certainly will have given some fans in tonight's episode the cold shoulder. Danny is equally to blame for the Doctor's anger, wanting to show what he thought he could see in the Doctor to Clara, but playing a timelord against his Impossible Girl isn't going to get him to like you. Through redemption however it is clear that the Doctor is warming up to Danny Pink, but his trust for Clara has been reduced and I think this will become clear in future episodes of this series.

What is clear from this series is that Murray Gold is not at the top of his game, whether it's because of a smaller budget or because simply there's nothing original he can think of anymore, but this episode certainly is the best we've had so far for music scores. The 'Fish People' scene is one that sticks in mind, as well as a possible 'Danny's Theme' which does however sound like a slower and lower tone Amy's theme. Murray, what's happening man? Let's hope the second half of this series picks up.

During the final scene we get some more Doctor and Courtney scenes, something which I originally thought wouldn't work but does. Peter Capaldi and Ellis George really play off against each other brilliantly and I can't wait for her in next weeks episode, Kill The Moon. Just when you thought the episode was over though we have yet another Moffat twist, that CSO that got burnt to death earlier? He's gone to the Nethersphere (or Heaven depending on your viewpoint), Chris Addison (who also starred with Peter Capaldi in The Thick of It) deals with this scene in a very mysterious way, which gets me really excited for his re-appearance later in the series with Michelle Gomez's character.

This episode certainly is my favourite of the series so far, focusing on the emotions and characters rather than the threat. It would be nothing without the humour, but with such a dark Doctor it's sometimes needed; this episode wouldn't of worked with Matt Smith's Doctor. There's no scariness or complicated plot - it's a simple and family episode, one that is as risky as 'Boom Town' and yet pays off just as well. I would give this episode 8/10.

Next Week: Kill The Moon. "Hello Earth, we have a terrible decision to make..."

Keep your eye out tomorrow for Guest Reporter Tony's in-depth review of tonights episode!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Doctor Who 'Time Heist' 10 teasers

Over the course of this series we will be offering each week 10 teasers related to the upcoming episode.

10 Teasers for 'Time Heist':

  1. Washing Machine
  2. "It's just a phone"
  3. There's quite a big time just between 'Listen' and 'Time Heist'
  4. "Are you taller?"
  5. TECH 251
  6. Will you remember?
  7. Everyone wants something in life, right?
  8. "Are you hungry boy?"
  9. Brighton
  10. "A good day to be a bank robber"

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Doctor Who 'Listen' 10 teasers

Over the course of this series we will be offering each week 10 teasers related to the upcoming episode.

10 Teasers for 'Listen':

  1. "Don't ask, just go"
  2. "Why does he always come to this place?"
  3. "the famous drink at last"
  4. Courtney?
  5. "I asked first"
  6. Is there really things under your bed?
  7. Where's Wally?
  8. "Dad skills"
  9. "...the end of the universe?"
  10. "It runs in the family"

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Doctor Who 'Robots of Sherwood' 10 teasers

Over the course of this series we will be offering each week 10 teasers related to the upcoming episode.

10 Teasers for 'Robots of Sherwood':

  1. "Anywhere in space and time"
  2. "There's no such thing"
  3. Friar Tuck
  4. Sonic screwdriver?
  5. "I'm not moaning, you moan!"
  6. Once upon a time...
  7. Worksop?
  8. "I'm not a hero"
  9. "Climate Change"
  10. Yoghurt

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Doctor Who 'Into the Dalek' 10 teasers

Over the course of this series we will be offering each week 10 teasers related to the upcoming episode.

10 Teasers for 'Into the Dalek':

  1. "Rusty?"
  2. Aristotle
  3. Remember the Doctor went for coffee?
  4. "Bolt Hole!"
  5. "Are you my Doctor?"
  6. Listen out for references to The TV Movie and Amy's Choice
  7. A cut-scene would do just nicely...
  8. "Welcome to the most dangerous place in the universe"
  9. We finally see someone die on screen
  10. "You're one of my hobbies"

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Doctor Who 'Deep Breath' 10 teasers

Over the course of this series we will be offering each week 10 teasers related to the upcoming episode.

10 Teasers for 'Deep Breath':

  1. Mind the newspaper
  2. Skin
  3. "I've seen fossils"
  4. The Promised land? 
  5. "You've redecorated"
  6. "I don't like it"
  7. Sweeney Todd
  8. "Boyfriend?"
  9. "I love her"
  10. Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

What do you think these mean or could relate to?

Monday, 30 June 2014

Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 12 Working Title Revealed?

Filming continued today on Episode 12 of Series 8, which featured the return of some old friends and foes. During filming a photograph was taken of a page of the script, which detailed some dialogue and the working title of the episode. The title is 'Death in Heaven', written by head-writer Steven Moffat.

It also gives details that a scene within the episode is set at the exterior of St Pauls Cathedral in London, it is currently unknown if this scene will (if not already) be filmed in Wales or in London.

EDIT: After an email on behalf of the BBC, we have removed these images from our site. We kindly ask for you not to link them on this site in the comments or chat.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Doctor Who Returns: Take a "Deep Breath"

Click for larger size 

Click for larger size
Doctor Who Series 8 is confirmed to be begin airing on BBC One on Saturday 23rd August 2014, with a "feature-length" episode, titled "Deep Breath". "Deep Breath" is confirmed to star Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Neve McIntosh, Dan Starkey and Catrin Stewart.

Along with the announcement was two promotional images (portrait and landscape) and a specially filmed trailer shown below.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Day of the Doctor Set Pictures

Several rather spoilery set pictures from the 50th Anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, have surfaced online, which reveal how certain rumours turn out to be true. SPOILERS AHEAD.

These pictures involving destroyed Daleks are rumoured to be part of the Time War, and linked to the already released pictures here.

These help explain exactly what Matt Smith meant by paintings during his Jonathan Ross interview.

And here's a picture of a Zygon:


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Skaro's 10 Teasers: Doctor Who - The Name of the Doctor

  1. "What is your name?"
  2. Forestation within the TARDIS 
  3. Strax likes to drink Tea.
  4. "How's the intelligence - still great?"
  5. "Don't do it"
  6. "Die reptile!"
  7. Reach into the red light...
  8. Clara will find out the Name of the Doctor, again...
  9. It's a Grave situation.
  10. "Doctor Who?"
Remember to tune into BBC One, 19:00 BST, 19th May 2013.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Doctor Who - The Name of the Doctor: Bessie is back

Classic Doctor Who fans will know the name Bessie as the name of the Doctors trusty automobile, after recent clips from The Name of the Doctor trailers and several sources claiming the same thing, it is safe to say - Bessie is back!

In the trailer below you can see the Doctor's Car drive past Clara, in what appears to be her in the 1970's. To see the exact frame from the trailer - click here.

It appears that Clara has been super-imposed onto a scene from the 20th Anniversary episode, The Five Doctors, it with Clara being put in the background. Could this have been done on other clips too?

Skaro's Spoiler Review: Series 7 - Nightmare in Silver

Nightmare in Silver, written by Neil Gaiman is certainly an episode that will be remembered in Doctor Who. To some it may be the episode that re-made the cybermen scary, to others it may be the one that made them look like Iron Man, but to me it is the former. I have to say I loved this episode (although I have loved the majority of this series), Neil Gaiman has worked his magic on each character in this episode, giving the children courage, Clara authority and for once The Doctor, with only 49.881% of his brain.

The Story itself revolves around technologically upgraded warriors, Cybermen on an alien world that has been trashed, Hedgewicks world. Cybermen have been gone for over 1000 years and with a few stompy feet - they're back! This time the Cybermen are more agile, have more abilities and can withstand almost any attacks - even electrocution. The Doctor, for the majority of the episode, isn't himself which adds a strong sense of danger because he isn't around to save the day, possibly this time he's around to destroy it. After a long battle, the planet gets blown up with the activation of a voice triggered bomb, triggered by Porridge, who is revealed to be an Emperor of Space. In summary - the storyline felt Cybermen, felt silver and felt like a nightmare, everything that you expect from an episode called 'Nightmare in Silver'.

The acting level in this episode was on top-form, all the supporting cast played the roles with confidence and great acting ability, except child actor Kassius Johnson (Artie), whos acting I felt was quote Mrs Gillflower, I'd say "tollerable". Porridge played by actor Warwick Davis gave one of the best performances in the episode, giving us a true sense of emotion and sympathy for his character with every word spoken. Another great actor in this was Jason Watkins, who gave a fantastic bubbly performance as Webley and then a cold, sinister performance as cyber-Webley, with hints of the first fading into his cyber form.

The references to the Classic series in this episode is something that should be noted, there are tons hidden with the episode including the ability to be highly sensitive to Gold - which in itself was enough to make me squeel with joy.

It would be wrong of me to do this review without actually speaking of the Cybermen, this time they are superbly designed, baring a less human face shape which shows how little emotion they've got - wanting to convert anything that is not like them, to make the ultimate empire. The Cybermens' voice sound a lot more sinister, emotionless and rough than any other Cybermen ever heard in Doctor Who, which helped emphasize the fact that they are ruthless and bare very little similarities to previous new series Cybermen.

Overall I'd give this episode 9/10, as it brought together so many past elements of Doctor Who, brought together so many new elements and helped bring a near-end to Series 7, with only one episode left you can feel the danger rising. The one bit of improvement I could have suggested for this episode is to have made it a two-parter, although I felt it worked fine as a single-episode, more Cybermen action may have benefited the story of re-introducing them.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Skaro's Spoiler Review - Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror

"The Crimson 'orror", you might say? Well it certainly was Crimson, very Northern and a horror. Coined the Doctor-lite episode of the series, which isn't slightly true... He just takes a long time to show up in the episode, that's all. I suppose you could say that's my "payment in advance" on the episode.

We start off with a undercover Jenny Flint, sent by the rest of the Paternoster Gang and Mr Thursday, who needs to find out about the "mysterious Crimson Horror". Until about a third of the episode, we see no Doctor, no Clara, just a lot of Northern scenary, Ada, Mrs Gillyflower and Sweetville, which for a 45 minute episode is a lot of time without the centre characters, however some may argue that the Paternoster Gang are the centre characters in this episode, which is a great change to the regular format.

The storyline revolves around the works of Mrs Gillyflower and her "silent partner" Mr Sweet, who are taking the people of Bradford into Sweetville, to recruit "only the brightest and the best" and store them "like pretty maids", to create the perfect race of humans, with the help of Mr Sweet, which itself is quite a brilliant concept, thought up in the mind of genius writer, Mark Gatiss, who in my opinion has produced possibly the best of the series, but certainly the best I've ever seen him write.

Almost every character gets a good bit of background story, some more than others though, such as the Rachael Stirling. Stirling helped build an emotion connection to the audience with her feelings for the "monster", who is later revealed to be The Doctor. I must admit, I would have liked to have seen more padding out on the characters of Mrs Gillyflower and the origin of Mr Sweet.

The directing on this episode was amazing, with such wonderful tracking shots and use of grey and green colours that made it feel very much like Yorkshire, I'd like to say it is possibly one of the best episodes I have seen directed since the New Series began, well done Saul Metzstein, I can now wait with glee for the finale!

For an episode that features very little Doctor and Clara, I felt like they were included in the story as much as needed, providing the backbone on the argument that sometimes the Doctor isn't needed to help a story move onto its next scene, that already established characters can do the same, such as Jenny, or the rest of the Pasternoster Gang. Though overall the acting was brilliant, I wanted to go and sidetrack and congratulate Michelle Tate, who played Abigail in this episode - fantastic fainting, I'm sure I could think of ways to bring her back into Doctor Who.

Overall, I'd give this episode a 10/10, the best I have given any this series so far...but I have a feeling Nightmare in Silver may also achieve this rating! Obviously people will disagree with me, Mr Controversial... what are your thoughts on The Crimson Horror?

Monday, 29 April 2013

Doctor Who 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS' Review Round-up

Below is a list of reviews from last weekends episode of Doctor Who, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS. It's always great to see other peoples point of view on episodes, even from Mr Controversial here, as I have been nick-named.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Skaro's Spoiler Review - Doctor Who: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, what can I say - brilliant! Stephen Thompson, is the name of a writer you do near hear of often, but I feel now it is a name we will surely become a lot more familiar with, Stephen Thompson...remember the name. The episode itself was rather slowly paced at times, but picked itself up with several sub-plots that included even learning the Doctor's name, and then shortly forgetting it.

The story of going on a "journey" to the centre of the TARDIS is one which the classic series failed to achieve, with the 1978 Tom Baker story, The Invasion of Time, which involved a lot of badly built sets, mis-matching buildings and a Sontaran chase. This story certainly achieved greatness, with wonderfully built sets, a dramatic countdown (which was faked, and then turned out to be real) and a crack in time. On the subject of the crack in time, we know that the cracks was probably "work of the Doctor", could this event be what really started the TARDIS exploding, wrapping up a whole story arc, for me it would be a nice way to do it, either way, we saw a time-field in this episode and it brought back fond memories of Series 5 with Amelia Pond.

The acting itself was great, everyone played a unique and vital part of the team, as much as I feel the sub-plot with the brother not really been an android wasn't needed, the guest-acting was great, not the best we've seen in Doctor Who, but certainly not the worst. Again, Matt and Jenna were on top-form performing such a wonderful job of flirting and talking to a machine yet also running down corridors.

We also got quite a few on new pieces of music from Murray Gold, which is something we haven't seen in the past 2 episodes, but we'll certainly see in next weeks episode too. Murray Gold manages to produce music to brilliant standards almost every week. The Mill also did a good CGI job with the TARDIS effects, although I'd have liked to have seen more of the swimming-pool.

Overall I'd give this episode 8/10, with a great story, some un-needed sub-plots and some fantastic visual effects, again hats off to Stephen Thompson for making such a wonderful script!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Skaro's Spoiler Review - Doctor Who: Hide

Hide, written by Neil Cross in my opinion, was a let down in comparison to the rest of the series, but never-the less an average episode. It delivered a firm start with a good pre-title sequence, but throughout the entire episode, it felt rushed, including the introduction of the Doctor and Clara and the final moments of the "love story" episode.

The more I watch this episode the more it grows on me, and I've been hesitant to post this review, as it could be seen as rather harsh, but as of the time of posting, I still feel let down by the episode, it could have been so much more and was a love story, that had no actual fear-factor, not to me anyway.

Another thing that let down this episode was the music, we had a lot of repetition of past music from series 7, and past series, a few more new pieces would have possibly made this episode a little better. I can't comment whether this was Murray's decision or someone in the BBC's office, but something new and exciting would have been nice to hear.

One thing that can be applauded is the acting in this episode, Jenna puts on a great job, acting to nothing but a wooden box, yet somehow brought personality to both sides of the argument, even if she did call the TARDIS a cow. The guest acting was also great, Dougray Scott and Jessica Raine who played Professor Palmer and Emma Grayling, the chemistry between them wasn't great, but as individual actors, they both made each of their characters come alive, Raine more than Scott in my opinion.

Overall, I'd give this episode 6/10, giving it my lowest rating of the series, but not the worst I've ever seen, and I wouldn't skip this episode when watching, unlike episodes like Fear Her.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Skaro's Doctor Who Series 7 Review: Cold War

Cold War, in a nut-shell is pure Gatiss fan-boy brilliance. The entire episode just screams that the writer was a classic fan, which we all know Gatiss heavilly was. All of the characters in it help build up an emotional/comedy bond with them, be is the story of Grand Marshall Skaldak, who has an emotional connection with the loss of his relatives, or Professor Grisenko, who has an amazing love for Ultravox and Duran Duran, It makes the story feel human....even if it is deep under the sea!

Oh, Vienna...we start off with a brilliant Model of a Submarine, preparing to "blow up the world, again", when we are interrupted by the wonderful character of Professor Grisenko, played by actor David Warner. The Professor is a bubbly, Russian man who takes a certain shine to Clara, and her knowledge of the future, specifically his favourite band, Ultravox, without David Warner, I feel this episode wouldn't be half as good as it was, because he makes such a wonderful character that wouldn't be suited to any other actor.

Coming to the main villan of the episode itself, The Ice Warrior, Grand Marshall Skaldak, well - what a great re-introduction to a classic villan he was. With very little re-design yet such a drastic change to the voice, the balance was equal but understandable given that we have seen creatures undergo much more drastic changes. Yet at the same time, we had such a drastic change, because we didn't see the ''shell suit'', we saw the actual creature, which I loved (apart from those terrible hands which we saw grab the crew), it was controversial to show it, but it needed to happen some time... the same happened with the Daleks, we saw them inside once too, can't see how it is different, but each fan to their own opinion.

Murray Gold wasn't given a chance to shine on this episode, with possibly one new bit of music that I heard, but with quite a lot from previous series 7 episodes, some which I felt weren't suited, such as the final piece of music, first heard in A Town Called Mercy.

Overall, I am happy to watch this episode over and over again, but it is yet to be my favourite of the series, and it won't be for sometime...unless I get a brain transplant, but never the less, a brilliant episode which Mark Gatiss needs to be congratulated upon.

EDIT: - I do apologize for this being out so late, I was on holiday and couldn't complete the review on time... darn holidays, eh?

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Skaro's Spoiler Review - Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten

The Rings of Akhaten (that's pronounced AK-A-TEN if you were wondering) is a science-fiction filled, fun-packed emotional rollercoaster of an episode. The pre-title sequence is quite confusing, which we probably won't get our heads around fully until the end of the series, but it starts with a 1981 hit song Ghost Town which introduces us to two characters, Dave Oswald and Ellie Oswald (nee Ravenwood), Clara's parents. It appears the Doctor has been stalking them throughout history, watching 'The Impossible Girl' grow up....but why?

We start off after the pre-title sequence pretty much where we left off in the previous episode, except a day later (presumably 7pm, as promised) and welcome aboard Clara Oswald, official TARDIS traveler  Where does the Doctor take her first? The Pyramid of the Rings of Akhaten, a place he has visited in his very first incarnation with his Grand-daughter, Susan, which a great reference to the Classic Doctor Who. Again, no fault with the acting of any of the cast or guest cast, it was clearly done with 100% effort which cannot be faulted.

This episode displays a vast majority of CGI effects and prosthetics created by the Mill and Millennium FX, both companies need to be congratulated on such brilliant efforts during this episode, unlike past episodes of Doctor Who, it was very difficult to tell what was green screen and what wasn't which helped make this feel like it was on a genuine alien planet, if that were possible. And with the addition of several brilliant creatures from Millennium FX filling up our screens (Including the Ultramancer, which resembles a create from CBBC's show Mission 2110) it felt like it wasn't just filmed in a studio in Cardiff, it was on a genuine planet.

The element of music in this episode stood tall against everything else, with a slight variation of Clara's Theme helped us hear Ellie's Theme, and both the musical elements which where a significant part in the plot were just amazing, specifically the final piece, ''Wake Up''. Murray Gold needs to be congratulated on such great creations on this series!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

First On-Set Photos Arrive from Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Filming

Possible spoilers ahead, read with risk -
Before the news of the Zygons return, a couple of images have come through from today's filming of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.

The First comes from @cazj911 at Ivy Tower in Neath, who tweeted out: "Just seen the TARDIS and set for in Ivy Tower, Neath!!!! "

He followed the picture up with the tweet: "David Tennant was here, in some kind of medieval set with a St George flag! WHAT DOES IT MEAN!! Can't wait to see it "

Another Image from Ivy tower from @Erin_Rickard shows the medieval scenery: 

@beccarees11 added: Set was big tent with a St George's flag next to it, also a horse on set too!
 @ryanfarrr posted: I've been waiting for three years to post this tweet: Matt Smith and David Tennant have arrived on set

Finally @oliviamorgan246 posted a small image that shows David Tennant in what looks to be the 10th Doctor  costume: