Thursday, 22 January 2009

More Photographs From Doctor Who On Location & Spoilers Tonight 22-01-09

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It was a complete guerrilla type shoot today! 90 minutes in an alleyway in town (see previous post), then straight down the Bay to Lloyd George Avenue to film David Tennant and Michelle Ryan sitting on the bus to Victoria. The bus drove up and down the road around 5 or 6 times and whenever it stopped for traffic lights and we tried to get close, David Tennant slouched into his seat and out of view! He doesn't miss a trick!

The alleyway stuff in town was Michelle Ryan, dressed seductively in a cat suit, bursting forth from a door and running into a packed city street. Also armed police were seen to be arresting a businessman with a pink shirt.

They are all heading back to the studio apparently, though Danny Hargreaves said that we will definitely hear the crew on location next week. I hope that means lots of nice explosions!

Special thanx go to Scooty for this fantastic set report and photographs!

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