Thursday, 19 March 2009

Are Two More Missing Doctor Who Stories Being Completed?

Dan Hall speaking to Doctor Who Online tells us Contrary to rumour, two further [Doctor Who] animated stories are in development. Two of the core production team have been working on these projects for several months now. The commissions are by no means guaranteed, but the stories have been decided and negotiations are underway. This had not been announced for the reason that this early in the process we cannot promise a title on the shelf, which is why I feel it is important to set the record straight at this juncture.

So although there are still funding issues, it looks like two more missing Doctor Who stories may be completed with animation! There are no clues as to which two are being developed, I'm hoping Fury of the Deep is one of them, but its very unlikely :)

Any suggestions anyone?

BTW, stories with only two episodes missing are; The Moonbase, The Ice Warriors, Reign of Terror, & The Crusade.

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Deka Black said...

And i hope The Tenth Planet is the another! The Cybermen debut!

Peter said...

I would guess Reign of Terror & 10th Planet, but I would like it to be Web of Fear & Evil of the Daleks

neros_fiddle said...

My money's on Reign of Terror, Tenth Planet and/or Ice Warriors. All those partially/mostly exist, and the existing episodes were not included on the Lost in Time box.

Which two, though, no idea. They may hold out hope a while longer that they find the last episode of Tenth Planet, maybe in Robert Mugabe's personal collection.

Combom said...

i agree your suggestions are prob the ones!

Combom said...

the stories with only two episodes missing are-

The Moonbase
The Ice Warriors
Reign of Terror
The Crusade

so it has to 2 of these, i vote for the top 2 :)